What Is Builders Hardware?

BHMA Standards apply to the whole spectrum of door, cabinet and window hardware

The order of all 33 Standards reflects the order in which the Standards were developed.

What is the scope of hardware covered by BHMA standards?

If a piece of hardware helps a door operate, then it is likely covered by BHMA Standards. The first six BHMA Standards and related to products are that are essential to doors.

However, BHMA Standards are applicable across a wide range of moving building products.

BHMA Standards touch on cabinet workings such as:

  • A 156.9 Cabinet Hardware
  • A 156.11 Cabinet Locks

BHMA Standards relate to electric technologies that are often used in doors or locks:

  • A 156.10 Power Operated Pedestrian Doors
  • A 156.23 Electromagnetic Locks
  • A156.25 Electrified Locking Devices

Builders hardware does not just enable movement, but it can constrain movement as well; locks make up a considerable portion of BHMA Standards including:

  • A 156.5 Auxiliary Locks and Associated Products
  • A156.13 Mortise Locks
  • A 156.24 Delayed Egress Locks

BHMA Standards for builders hardware have been created to ensure performance across the whole spectrum of builders hardware, and the professionals who rely on these Standards as well as the consumers who benefit from them are well served by their continued presence.


This article is the third in a series provided by BHMA. Previous articles appeared in the September and October 2012 issues of Locksmith Ledger. To read those and other articles about BMHA, visit http://tinyurl.com/BHMA2012.

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