Continuing Education

Throughout the year, manufacturers of locks and door hardware make it easy for locksmiths to upgrade their skills and / or learn something new to help their locksmithing businesses prosper. Locksmith distributors are another excellent source for...

April 2013 classes include:

  • April 1-3: Basic Safe Penetration
  • April 4-5: Safe Deposit Box/Lock Servicing
  • April 15-26: Comprehensive Security Specialist
  • April 15-26: GSA Authorized Safe & Vault Technician
  • April 29-May 10: Professional Locksmithing


ALOA Basic Locksmithing

2013 dates have been announced for the ALOA Training Center Six-Day Basic Locksmithing Course at ALOA Headquarters in Dallas, TX.

Upcoming Dates are: May 20-25, Sept. 30-Oct. 5 and Dec. 9-14.

Students will gain basic hands-on knowledge of locks and security related hardware. Students will work with basic locksmithing tools such as dial calipers, impressioning pliers soft face mallet, lock pick set, along with other locksmith specialty tools. Upon completion of this course, graduates have the knowledge required to function as an apprentice locksmith who can perform the following tasks:

  • Identify and duplicate keys
  • Service and adjust key machines
  • Rekey a variety of lock cylinders
  • Make original keys for a variety of locks; by code
  • Disassembly and impressioning
  • Bypass and/or pick common locks
  • Troubleshoot and service common cylinder and lockset malfunctions
  • Identify common lock hardware finishes and functions
  • Be familiar with Life Safety Codes and the ADA
  • Design and key a simple master key system
  • Know combination lock operation and changing methods

Upon completion, students receive a locksmith tool kit including a pinning kit, pin tray, follower, tweezers, key gauge, cylinder retainer removal tool, Kwikset cylinder removal tool, shim stock and round impressioning file. They also receive Ilco Key Blank Directory, PRP Resource Guide which includes the ALOA Locksmith Dictionary, 432-page reference manual, Life Safety Codes & ADA class manual and an ACE Certificate attesting 48 credit hours of CE instruction. An ALOA Fundamental Locksmith certificate will be issued to those who successfully pass the written test at the end of the course.

More Info: Contact ALOA Education Department, 3500 Easy Street, Dallas, TX 75247. P-800-532-2562 x101. F-214-819-9429. Email: Web:

IP Video Technology Tours

Tri-Ed / Northern Video Distribution continues to offer its free North American IP Video Technology Tours throughout the year. The one-day training events are held in Tri-Ed / Northern Video branches across the country.

These comprehensive IP trainings, led by Jeff Stout, Tri-Ed / Northern Video’s director of network solutions, and Mike Leary, network product specialist, cover important technical topics such as Video Resolution, Illumination, Ethernet Transmission, Surge Suppression, Recording Platforms, Types of Networks and Understanding Storage.

Upcoming Dates & Locations: May 15, Orlando, FL; June 5, Houston; Sept. 12, Dallas; Oct. 16, New York City; Nov. 13, Southern California.

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