Guidelines for Adding CCTV as a Profit Center

Selection criteria should include ease and security of the installation

  • The ease of installation they offer dealers
  • The network security and benefit they offer the consumer/subscriber.

The best of the breed will enable security technicians with little IT-savvy breeze through installation in minutes without using the consumers’ equipment nor allowing their personal PC network to be hacked or made vulnerable during the setup process. Look for systems that automatically activate cameras upon power-up and lock-down the network with a secure key encryption at the conclusion of the installation.

Another benefit of this high level of ease of installation is your customer’s perception of your company and your technician’s IT aptitude. They can easily detect when your technician is having trouble or becoming frustrated with the installation or if they are spending an inordinate amount of time on the phone with Tech Support. These new systems avoid the pitfalls described above and streamline the installation process which will make every one of your technicians look like confident and knowledgeable IT professionals.

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