News Briefs October 2012

SE (Silent Electrification) Option

The new SE (Silent Electrification) Motorized Latch Retraction Option for Adams Rite exit devices is the latest innovation from The RITE Door ® line of integrated door assemblies that has been quickly embraced by security professionals worldwide. Their consensus? The SE Option is one of the most secure, quiet and flexible ways to electrify a door opening.

This news should bring hushed excitement to many in the healthcare industry due to the fact that hospitals today are four times noisier than they were in 1960 (from 57dB to 72dB). Coupled with the fact that noise is the number one customer complaint in healthcare and hospitality facilities, the SE Option is guaranteed to be an effective tool in solving this growing problem.

In addition to hospitals, a growing number of office buildings, schools, hotels and apartment complexes that use these near-silent devices are benefitting from the energy-sipping operating power that allows for lighter gauge wiring and a reduced amperage power supply. This new electrification platform also negates the need for heavy, bulky and expensive power supplies.

Key Features:

  • · Motor-driven latch retraction
  • · Near-silent operation
  • · Ultra-low current draw
  • · Preload release capable
  • · Combines electric latch retraction and electric dogging
  • · Available on The RITE Door® with 3000, 8000 Series Exit Devices

 “We are excited we developed a product that has a significant positive impact in patient care and recovery in healthcare environments, as well as reducing noise in traditionally quiet settings” said Adams Rite President Scott Baker. “Along with the numerous benefits of The RITE door, it’s an unbeatable combination.”

For security pros trying to balance price, ease of installation, and performance, the new motorized SE (Silent Electrification) Option for The RITE Door provides a powerful, whisper-quiet, energy efficient solution as an alternative to traditional solenoid-driven devices. An in-depth 4-minute video is available at to provide more information about this new latch retraction process.

New Website, New Look… The RITE Door®


In an effort to coincide with the release of its latest product innovation “Silent Electrification,” Adams Rite is proud to announce the launch of the all-new RITE Door® website. The revised site,, features a clean new look, is easy to navigate and has all the information, specifications and online tools needed to make selecting, specifying and ordering the RITE Door easier than ever before.

Developed with the input of industry professionals and end users, The RITE Door integrated system is a high-performance door with pre-installed hardware that meets fire codes, is quick and easy to install and combines durability and style into a single package suitable for the highest traffic and most demanding locations. It also features a generous range of colors and options to blend with any application.

In addition to integrated door and frame product information, the new website features a detailed Applications page that illustrates the various types of installations, along with a Photo Gallery page that showcases the huge range of options, colors and architectural designs that the RITE Door line has to offer. 


SARGENT 11-Line Locks Prevent Break-Ins At Modesto City Schools

Like any other school district, keeping its students and facilities secure is a primary concern for Modesto City Schools in Modesto, Calif. However, one of their school sites was beset with frequent break-ins and vandalism. As often as every week, the thieves would smash the outside entrance lock off one of the doors to gain entry. School officials were constantly replacing the locks, and the vandals repeatedly destroyed them.

To solve the problem of their inadequate locks at school sites, about three years ago Modesto City Schools called in their local ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions (AADSS) team for help. The AADSS specialists recommended the SARGENT 11-Line extra heavy-duty classroom lever lockset with patented T-Zone construction and provided a sample for the district to try.

The very next week after the lock was installed, burglars tried to smash it using a metal chain link fence pole that still had its concrete base attached. When the school district’s head of security went to the site, he found broken pieces of concrete all around the door and several dings and dents on the handle and the body of the lockset. Fearing the worst, the security chief tried the lock – which had survived the beating by the makeshift Thor’s hammer. It was still locked, and he was able to open it with his key as if nothing had happened.

Modesto City Schools has ordered more than 300 11-Line locksets since then. Since moving to the SARGENT 11-Line with T-Zone construction, school officials are extremely impressed with the security, protection and prevention of property damage the locks have provided. In fact, since the original incident at the school site the vandals have not attempted to break into that area again.

The ASSA ABLOY SARGENT 11-Line is a Grade 1 lock with true interlocking “T-Zone” construction between the cast/machined stainless steel lock body and the latch, exceeding ANSI/BHMA A156.2 Series 4000 Grade 1 standards by a factor of 15 for unmatched durability. The 11-Line withstands over 3,000 in/lbs of force on a locked lever, which is tested to have no sag even after 15 million cycles.

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