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New Leadership at Rutherford Controls Int’l Corp. Effective August 1st, 2012, Vicky Rutherford announced the appointment of Eric Gowland  as president of RCI. Gowland joined RCI in 2008. He is a Professional Engineer (P.Eng) and a Certified...

New Leadership at Rutherford Controls Int’l Corp.

Effective August 1st, 2012, Vicky Rutherford announced the appointment of Eric Gowland as president of RCI. Gowland joined RCI in 2008. He is a Professional Engineer (P.Eng) and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) with more than 25 years of experience working with (and for) manufacturing and distribution companies. Prior to RCI, Gowland owned and managed his own international consulting and software business, helping manufacturers, with extensive distribution networks to utilize the Theory of Constraints to drive exponential profit growth.

Vicky Rutherford will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer, after her 10-year run as president of RCI. In a prepared statement, Rutherford said: “I am confident that we have the right team in place with the right skills, willingness and ability to execute our strategic plans. The RCI we know today is nothing like it was a decade ago. We have a respected, well established brand in the market and an extensive distribution network. We have built a solid foundation for sustainable growth. In my new role, I look forward to supporting and guiding RCI and its leadership team.”

Also effective August 1, 2012, Brent Mountford took on operations and was appointed director of finance and operations.   Mountford is a Chartered Accountant and has been with RCI since 2009, responsible for Finance, HR and IT. 


Kaba Announces New Division and Management Structure

The Kaba Group adapted a new segment and management structure, effective July 1, 2012. Kaba's corporate strategy is focused on improving operational performance, increasing efficiency, and profitable growth, with an emphasis on innovation leadership in the Access Control sector. Kaba Access and Data Systems (ADS) Americas, as the new group will be called, combines the sales, marketing, product management and support functions of Kaba Access Control, e-Data, Kaba Mas, and Kaba's physical access systems under one sales and marketing unit.

The combination of the companies will further enhance customer-centric solutions, and provide an extensive portfolio of products and unmatched levels of service across many vertical markets, including retail, financial, healthcare, banking and government.

"The implementation of this new go to market strategy is key to the growth of our company throughout North and South America," states Carl Sideranko, COO, Kaba ADS Americas. "By focusing on the market segment, rather than individual products, we can offer our customers a broader range of solutions." 

In addition, the new structure will enable the collective company to rapidly address the latest marketplace demands by bringing to market new solutions such as real time intelligence, cutting edge biometric data capture technology, and wireless access control to name a few. "The very purpose of this change is to allow us to work closely with our customers to define their needs and create products that will work most effectively for them. It creates an incredible opportunity for us and our clients," says Stephen Pollack, Strategic Marketing Director.

Through this realignment, Kaba brands, Kaba®, LA GARD, Simplex®, E-Plex® and e-Data, will be managed within the single brand strategy. The product brands comprise six product groups within the Access Control area-which offer a wide range of customer tailored security needs; cylinder and locks, access management systems, workforce management systems, physical access systems, multi-housing products, and safe and container locks.

With offices in both Lexington, Ky., and Winston-Salem, NC, Kaba ADS Americas is a subsidiary of the Kaba (SWXKABN). The Kaba Group is headquartered in Rumlang, Switzerland with over 7,500 employees in nearly 60 countries. Kaba ADS Americas offers comprehensive solutions for security at access points to buildings, containers, as well as for recording personal and enterprise data. Kaba's products utilize the latest technologies including remote access, biometrics, wireless and GPS. Our brands include Kaba®, LA GARD, Simplex®, E-Plex® and e-Data. More Information:

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