The Back Page, October 2012


ADA was the main topic of the October, 1992 Ledger issue. Lever locks were an ADA requirement and a listing of popular companies who made lever lock products was printed. In addition, manufacturers of add-on levers for existing hardware were listed. Jeanne Lodge listed examples of products for the 'Complete Door.’  Milt Wolferseder showed how to open an antique Diebold safe.  Milt enjoyed opening antique safes. He stated that all the newer safes have either S&G or LaGard locks and opening is repetitious.   Servicing of Star round door safes was also covered in a second article.   An article on wood doors explained the ANSI terms for types of wood doors.  Richard Formica discussed the servicing of Mercedes truck locks. Jerry Levine discovered the new Weiserbolt knob lock and showed how to service it.  Pat Olmstead introduced readers to the system for field-changing Von Duprin 6000 from fail-safe to fail- secure.  Locksmith ledger reported on the ALOA convention which was held in Baltimore.  Kaba High Security Locks were featured during an interview with Edward J. Murphy, then president  of Kaba High Security Locks.  Richard Formica also devised ways to fit keys to Porsche alarm locks.  Concept Plus high security cylinders were discussed in an article. Where are they now?


Dale Bowman, Medeco High Security Locks, provided important information on the KeyMark cylinder system.  Jerry Levine installed a GT series Spirit lever lock by PDQ. Gale Johnson showed the various lock cylinders available in IC core cylinders from Arrow lock. Mike Foty discovered a recall of locks for Lane Cedar chests. Jerry Levine also installed a Yale SecureX delayed egress exit device. Keyless Ride keyless entry remotes was another article topic in the October, 2002 Ledger. Tiny fit keys to a monster Fleetwood RV.  Tiny also demonstrated how to originate tubular keys using the adapter parts for an HPC code machine. Jerry Levine reported on the Lockmasters recIGNITION which can be personalized with a separate line of jewels.  Tim Oleary introduced locksmiths to Ohm's law and its effect on electronic lock servicing.  Jerry Levine reported on the arrival of the new H2 Hummer in 2002. By 2010 it was gone.   Tom Gillespie suggested ways to improve profit through better merchandising displays.  Earl Truncer, Ingersoll Rand, explained how you can generate business with standalone access control systems.     


Unknown Adams Rite Key

An unknown key was discovered which contained an Adams-Rite logo.  Adams-Rite offered the following information about the key:

"This key is from the days of the Adams Rite aircraft (now Adams Rite Aerospace) division. We believe these were used in 3/4"  'peanut' cylinders as this was the main type of cylinder used in the Adams Rite line until the early 1940s. It really shows the influence the aircraft business had on Adams Rite in general. After WWII, the glut of aluminum available after the war spawned the use of glass doors with aluminum frames, and Adams Rite had the capacity and skill to design narrow backset locks for this new medium.

Thanks for sharing the 'key' pictures. We do have one of these keys along with other great Adams Rite historical artifacts."