Security With Style From Master Lock

How do locksmiths compete with residential door hardware offerings and non-branded options for today’s cost-conscious consumers? With Master Lock, you can offer exclusive value-added features, popular options and outstanding name recognition in security.

When it comes to security for their homes, brand matters to consumers and they know and trust this name.* It’s easy to show why the Master Lock product is a good buy with these features at competitive prices. You can also capitalize on the trend toward keyless electronic lock convenience, plus other ways to turn service, replacement or new customer visits into quality and security upgrades. Having the confidence that hardware will operate as expected speaks volumes to customers.

Whether for home entry or use throughout the house (bedrooms, baths, and closets), Master Lock door knobs and levers, deadbolts and handle sets provide the security, performance and looks customers want, in contemporary and classic styles and finishes:

• Biscuit, tulip and ball knobs; wave and straight levers

• Exclusive NightWatch® deadbolts and standard deadbolts

• Electronic Keypad Deadbolt (EKD)

• Satin Nickel, Polished Brass, Antique Brass and Aged Bronze finishes

Master Lock door hardware can replace any lock with standard door preparation; they also have a variety of keyways to match other leading brands.


Making & Exceeding the Grade

ANSI Standards was “preaching to the choir.” While most leading brands are tested to ANSI/BHMA Grade levels, many products from around the globe aren’t graded at all.

Master Lock’s residential knobs, levers and standard deadbolts meet ANSI/BHMA Grade 3 or better. But even graded locks are not always considered equal. Give your customers a firsthand look at these upgrades Master Lock offers:

  • All-metal chassis with no plastic parts
  • One-piece quality constructed knobs compared to 2-piece knobs
  • Heavier return springs for a long lasting, “like new” feel
  • Solid brass cylinder plus resists corrosion versus brass paint over a zinc plug
  • Full-size knobs provide a substantial, solid impression, a positive for those with large or arthritic hands.
  • Antibacterial Finish – Master Lock is the only door hardware brand to offer this on 63 residential door hardware products.

Master Lock keys are larger for easier handling and lock operation. Even better, their list prices can run significantly lower than comparable brand products!


Electronic Keypad with NightWatch®

The patented NightWatch® deadbolt provides unmatched Grade 2 security. Beyond the ease of installation for locksmiths, it also means for homeowners no more worries about someone gaining access with a lost or copied key given to service people, babysitters or others. With the exclusive NightWatch feature, it’s possible to lock out all keys. Simply lock the door, push the button at the bottom trim ring and pull out the thumb turn to make the red “collar” appear. The only way to get into the house is for someone on the inside to open the door.

For keyless convenience, Master Lock’s Electronic Keypad Deadbolt (EKD) replaces standard deadbolts (no additional door prep), providing ANSI Grade 2 security with backup key access.

The stylish EKD has an angled face, making it easier to see and use. It also has larger keypad buttons with more space in between to reduce errors. Homeowners can program up to 20 codes at a time for family members, babysitters and service providers.

The manually engaged deadbolt saves batteries and provides security assurance vs. motor-driven types. Turn the EKD dial and you know the bolt is fully extended. Other electronic deadbolts have a motor driven bolt. But for those locks, if a door isn’t correctly closed, the motor stops after a given time and users think the bolt is locked in, even when it’s not.

NightWatch deadbolts also include BumpStop® Advanced Cylinder Technology, which resists bump attacks and keeps the deadbolt locked. With all these features, intruders can’t get in with the “right” combination, the “right” key, a bump key or anything else. BumpStop exceeds the highest ASTM international requirements (Grade Level 6) for lock bumping resistance.

Another Master Lock exclusive is the Antibacterial Silver Bonded Finish™. Everyone touches door hardware entering and existing, so Master Lock offers added protection against the spread of bacteria, mold and fungus. A permanent part of the finish on knobs, levers and deadbolts, it works 24/7 and never wears off.

Then there’s the Master Lock Vault® smartphone ‘App’ for Apple and Android, a digital “safe deposit box” service for customers and ideal for storing EKD codes. Visit for details.

* Master Lock is top-rated in Door Hardware Brand Awareness/aided recall with an 86 percent product quality rating of Excellent or Very Good among all respondents. Fifty percent of respondents rate Brand Name & Reputation as the number 1 influencer in buying decisions. Sources: Market Facts – November 2008 and NFO Tracking Study – December 2008.


R.E. Schingoethe is an independent consultant and communication specialist who has covered residential and commercial security issues for more than 15 years in print media and web venues. He also has co-authored on-line training programs and webinars for the American Institute of Architects via Hanley Wood University and the National Apartment Association Education Institute.