Make Your Vote Count

Political parties have been in existence almost since the beginning of our country. There is no law against starting a political party, but for some reason there have always been two main parties. Any other parties that have tried to form have always met with very little success. The first two parties evolved as politicians took sides over whether to have a strong federal government or whether individual states should have more local power.

The two-party system which has served us well for 200 years is now showing its age. With the advent of television stations with a partial view towards one or the other political party, and bloggers on the internet with immediate blow-by-blow reporting, the public has generally been mesmerized into believing one side or the other with sometimes little regard for the real facts. The opinion of the voting public is currently split almost 50/50 between the two political parties.

Politicians realize that a shift of one or two percent in the party line vote total can mean either winning or losing an election. They often make promises they can’t keep in order to make their constituents happy and stay in office. Pork barrel projects such as the bridge to nowhere show how far some politicians will go.

Bickering between the two parties has brought compromise and real problem solving to a complete halt. The result is that both the federal government and most state governments are now in deep financial trouble. Any allocated spending is primarily being done with borrowed money. Forty percent of our federal tax dollars are currently spent on paying interest on the debt.

Your future depends on who is elected this November. The only way a politician can get into office is if the public votes them in. Sometime soon the government has to either raise taxes or stop spending. Listen to all the candidates during the next few weeks. Form your opinion regardless of your political party affiliation as to which candidate will help your business succeed. Then get out and vote November 6th.