How To Upgrade An Existing Opening With Electrified Trim

For many older exit devices, electrified trim was not originally available from the manufacturer. Third party manufacturers are available to fill this void.


Solutions From Securitech®

Established in New York City in 1983, Securitech® is an independent manufacturer of high-security door locks. Originally founded to create and produce multi-point door locks, Securitech quickly added automatic deadbolt locking and electric locking solutions to its catalog of products.

Securitech works closely with fire and life-safety official to ensure that all products respect code requirements while providing the desired level of protection against forced entry and vandalism. Securitech products exceed UL and have earned the hard-to-achieve “”SB Tested” label; field-tested in the South Bronx to withstand the toughest levels of abuse.

Control Trim: Electric release in the trim … not the strike. This field-proven method provides maximum durability with easy installation and system integration. Key override provides entry in the event of power failure, and an optional key usage switch indicates the cylinder has been used in place of the access control system.

Control Trim & Signal Locks are available for use with a wide variety of door locks to meet virtually any locking need.

GG Trim: This durable and vandal resistant trim works for many applications. The attractive GG trim is available in most common plated finishes.

GG Exterior Trim Features include:

  • Narrow design with many finish choices
  • Works with mortise cylinders
  • Cylinder held in place at two points
  • Independent coil lever spring prevents lever from sagging
  • LeverEx2TM slip clutch lever handle
  • Internal handle stop prevents rotation of lever beyond 70 degrees
  • ADA compliant lever handle
  • Thru-bolted design
  • GG Interior Trim Features
  • Attractive architectural design
  • Built-in lever movement restrictor
  • ADA compliant lever handle
  • Optional request-to-exit available

Slip-Clutch Lever: The GG style exterior trims include Securitech’s LeverEx slip-clutch apparatus inside each trim exterior lever handle. If the handle is forced while in locked mode, it breaks away without unlocking the door and the lock and lever are not damaged.

Resetting the lever is easy and does not require any tools or replacement parts. If the lever is forced downward, simply pick it back up. It will “lock” back into the correct position.

When required, custom mounting plates are available for use with different manufacturers’ exit devices. Cylinders are held in place at two points, not one point as in ordinary locks and trim. It is used on the GG trims.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Securitech, 54-60 46th St., Maspeth, NY 11378. Telephone: 800-622-5625. Web Site:


Securitron CEPT

The Concealed Electrical Power Transfer CEPT unit is a relatively recent entry into the electronic access control hardware market. It is designed to provide a secure multiple wire power and/or data transfer between a door frame and door. The unit mounts directly between the frame and door along the hinged edge and is available in three multi-wire configurations.

The CEPT is non-handed, allows mechanical (hinged) movement of the door and is totally concealed when the door is fully closed. Their manual provides the information required to successfully install a CEPT to a standard hinged door opening.

Concealed Electrical Power Transfer features include:

  • Mortises into the edges of the door and frame
  • Tamper resistant. No exposed openings prevents foreign objects from reaching the wires or jamming the device
  • All metal construction including back boxes - no plastic
  • 10 wire configuration includes 2-18 gauge wires for higher current devices
  • Available with CAT-5E and ElectroLynx compatible connectors
  • Four architectural finishes: US32, US04, US10 and US10B
  • Installs above 2nd hinge
  • 7/8” knockouts on back boxes accommodate EMF-type fittings
  • Tested to 1,000,000 cycles
  • Will only function with butt hinges - up to 6”
  • Will not work on center-hung or balanced doors
  • Will work with Continuous Hinges - check with Continuous Hinge Manufacturer as to their cutout availability and charge for this cutout

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