Closing the Door with the Arrow 7700 Power Door Operator

An Arrow 7700 is installed onto an interior office entry door within a large teaching facility. The office has a drop ceiling with an electrical connection box above the drop ceiling, approximately ten feet away.

There seemed to be a running argument about the amount of time the door was in the open position. Office personnel had to make sure the door would close and latch before they could walk away. Others wanted to limit the motor delay, hold open, motor torque, sweep closing force and the latch force times. Others wanted more time as they were not as speedy through the door. Eventually, the adjustment times were resolved with no one being completely satisfied.

The installed 7700 was equipped with a wireless transmitter operating on 433 MHz. A wall mount transmitter will be installed at a later time to provide remote access for unauthorized individuals.

The Arrow 7700 Door Operator is available in different configurations. Options include power cord and radio frequency receiver. Finish options are Aluminum and Dark Bronze. For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Arrow Lock & Door Hardware, Web Site:

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