Biometrics: What Technology Is The Best Fit?

Fingerprint recognition is the most widely deployed biometric identifier because it is reliable and easy to deploy. Facial imaging and retinal scans are options. Use of multiple credentials greatly increases security.

Using the Panasonic Iris Reader requires no physical contact at all; users stand 12 to 15 inches away from the camera. This hygienic, contactless solution makes it ideal for clean rooms or other sensitive environments.

Panasonic technology easily recognizes users wearing eyeglasses or contacts. The system can even recognize users wearing a full-face safety shield.

Contrary to popular myths, Panasonic Iris Readers do NOT use lasers of any kind. The system uses low-power infrared illuminators, like those used in household (TV) remote controls.

All Panasonic Iris Reader systems fully conform to IEC60825-1 and ANSI RP-27.1-96 eye safety standards.

Panasonic supports from just a handful of users to many thousands, with no loss of accuracy, speed, or flexibility.

Panasonic’s iris reader technology makes use of the complex patterns in the iris: the delicate muscular structure that gives the eye its color. These intricate patterns are unique to each individual, and are even different in right and left eyes.

For each enrollee, the specialized Panasonic Iris Reader camera captures a video snapshot of the iris in each eye. An algorithm automatically records the characteristics at approximately 260 different points in the iris – and translates this into a unique and encrypted Iris Code™ data packet. Depending on how it is configured, this code can be stored in the reader itself, stored in a network attached PC or server, encoded into smart cards, or even written into a barcode. The system does not need to store actual images of the iris itself – only the encrypted Iris Code template.

The unique architecture of Panasonic Iris Reader systems supports virtually any type of access control, verification, or large-scale identification application.

With the higher security of IRIS CODE™ ON SMART CARD option, you can integrate Panasonic Iris Readers with new or existing systems that rely on Smart Cards. The Iris Readers provide an extra level of security by verifying that the person presenting the proximity card is in fact the authorized user. Each user’s Iris Codes are encoded directly into the card during the enrollment process. No Iris Codes need to be stored in the reader or the attached server.

At the access point, the user must first present a valid smart card or proximity card to activate the Panasonic Iris Reader system. After presenting the card, the user simply looks into the camera, which immediately produces an Iris Code from a live image of the iris.

This live Iris Code is then compared to the Iris Code retrieved from the user’s smart card. If there’s a match, the camera signals the EAC system over a Wiegand or TCP/IP interface on the iris reader.

You can use the Panasonic BM-ESDK300 Software Development Kit to set up a system that creates smart cards from any manufacturer.

An integral color video camera in the Iris Reader can capture a facial image of every user each time they attempt to gain access. DVR time-stamped images serve as a video log of each access attempt.

Two tamper detection switches on the front and back of the unit activate if the cover is removed, broken, or otherwise tampered with. The Iris Reader will immediately sound a local alarm, and transmit an alarm to the administrative server. At the same time, the Reader can be set to delete any stored iris data –thereby denying all access until the situation is resolved.

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Cansec Zodiac Link

Zodiac Link is Cansec’s latest addition to its field-proven line of fingerprint readers. Building on the success of the Zodiac 250, three new features have been added.

User capacity is increased from 250 users to 2,000.

You can now link up to five readers with all user programming done from a designated Master. You can also copy user templates from one unit to the other in case one is damaged and needs to be replaced. No need to re-enroll users.

Just like the Zodiac 250, it can be used to directly control a door or it can be connected to any Wiegand-compatible access control panel. And you can upgrade a regular prox reader to biometrics in less than five minutes.

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Rosslare Biometrics

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