Developing And Implementing An Emergency Lockdown Plan

Lockdowns are more frequently and more legally used to prevent entry without impeding egress, therefore not sacrificing life safety.

Although there are no national lockdown guidelines at this time, lockdowns are finding increased deployment in civilian applications.

Lockdowns which seal exterior doors from entry and egress were on the drawing boards for many government agencies. Government agencies are typically not subject to building codes and AHJs.

I was once asked to design a system which would essentially seal U.S. Embassies, preventing anyone to enter or leave until the Marines said it was okay.

Many times in the past, I’ve had to turn down an anxious merchant who wanted to be able to lock the doors to prevent egress from the showroom with a wireless transmitter. Retailers often desire a lockdown to prevent shoplifters from making off with merchandise. However, it is against the law to install a system to entrap individuals, whether they are stealing a baby or a pair of sneakers.

Lockdowns are more frequently and more legally used to prevent entry without impeding egress, therefore not sacrificing life safety.

A lockdown system can also incorporate delayed egress, so entry can be prohibited, but egress can be deterred but still achieved.

LAHJs will consider the nature of the occupancy and particular situation; if the premises is under governmental jurisdiction or if there are security officers present on site as part of the site’s security management will determine what the LAHJ will or won’t consider.


Schools and Universities

A growing market is for lockdowns for schools and universities. The public’s awareness of the value of lockdowns is the result of the many well publicized events in high schools and universities, where the consensus of experts is that lives would have been saved were lockdown systems in place.

Lock manufacturers responded quickly with the introduction of classroom function mechanical locksets designed to allow them to be locked to prevent entry from within the protected area.

A few years ago a customer (a state technical training school) asked if we could provide lockdown functionality to their Millennium access control system. Because this system did not offer that feature, so we designed it for them. However, many manufacturers now offer this functionality, so you do not have to roll your own.

Although there are no national guidelines for university lockdown the most effective emergency lockdown system involves planning which includes: Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. Lockdown can be applied to a single opening, to a building, or to an entire campus.


AlarmLock Networx Lockdown

Alarm Lock’s VP of Sales explains how Trilogy initiates Global lockdown. “In 10 seconds, activate emergency global lockdown/unlock from the Networx PC or any Networx lock activated from any lock, with or without the PC online by any authorized user with global permissions,” says Bob Swoope. (If desired, locks may be selectively programmed to be excluded from emergency global functions, i.e., they will ignore the lock/unlock command.)

“We will be adding a third method later this year in which a remote keyfob will be able to deploy 10 second Emergency Global lockdown. In the DL Windows Software, we add this feature to any user to activate Lockdown from any lock which will lockdown all designated locks within a single system, up to 2,000 locks.”

Using Alarm Lock technology, Global Emergency Features of Lockdown & Unlock (Passage) can be done currently two different ways with a third being developed later this year.

1. From any Networx DL/PDL Series Locks that has been enabled to perform this function and by a user that also has been authorized to issue Emergency Global Commands, simply enter your normal PIN code, or present your normal HID Prox Card followed by a three-digit PIN code to initiate Emergency lockdown.

Note - The system must be setup properly to allow for Emergency Commands from any Networx DL/PDL Series Lock, (See programming manual for system setup.)

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