News Briefs August 2012

Everest 29™ Patent-Protected through 2029

Schlage’s Everest 29 is the new patent-protected key system from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, providing users with the higher level of restricted key system security with patent protection through 2029. These new keys and cylinders overlap with patent protection of current Everest locks, allowing users to implement a phased migration to Everest 29 key system

Patented key systems prevent the unauthorized duplication of keys. Restricted key systems offer a higher level of key control by limiting their distribution and requiring, at a minimum, a letter of authorization from the end user to process orders for keys, blanks and cylinders. The patented designs of Everest 29 and Everest 29 Primus XP keyways prevent others from manufacturing or distributing these key blanks, ensuring the integrity of the customer’s system at every opening. By doing this, the Everest 29 key system assures an end-user confidence that their key system will have protection from unauthorized key duplication for the next 17 years.

“For more than 20 years, Schlage has delivered patented key systems that provide the appropriate level of security and key control necessary at every door,” emphasized Monte Salway, commercial key systems product manager at Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies. “Everest 29 is the next generation of patent protection from Schlage, and allows end users to implement a phased upgrade to their patented key system, giving them more flexibility and time to upgrade.”

The new undercut design of Everest 29 keys is patent-protected through 2029. It is also backwards compatible with current Everest cylinders, providing users the convenience of time to implement a phased migration to the Everest 29 key system while maintaining key control during the transition. Everest 29 keyways will also be available with Primus and Primus XP features as well as provide a small format interchangeable core (SFIC) keyway option.


Bianchi Airs 'KeyLine TV' Web TV Channel

KeyLine, parent company of Bianchi USA, Inc. recently introduced 'KeyLine TV', a corporate web television channel broadcast on their website,

The KeyLine TV introductory video features the company's front man, Massimo Bianchi and was taken in China, UK and Italy for the launch of this new website segment. Massimo Bianchi, who challenges the competition stating: "In the next few months, we are going to launch more innovative products than the competitors did in the last three years".

With its web TV channel, KeyLine adds a communication channel addressed at the whole sector of key cutting and duplication. This TV channel, directed for the company's customers and its 60 importers all over the world, will keep the public updated on company activities and products, with new video formats and clear explanations.


Steelcraft® Doors Team With Von Duprin® Concealed Vertical Cable System

A new Steelcraft door solution includes the Von Duprin Concealed Vertical Cable System factory installed in an L-Series door. This new system eliminates the frustrations that both installers and end users have continuously faced with exit devices using traditional vertical rod systems and is an offering that can be ordered as a complete opening solution directly from Steelcraft.

By eliminating the trigger mechanism typically found at the top of the frame, the Vertical Cable System significantly reduces the time and maintenance required to make adjustments when compared to installing a traditional vertical rod system. Instead of having to move adjustment screws in and out repeatedly, the user only tightens the screw at the point of attachment to ensure that the Concealed Vertical Cable System is properly installed. Installers can even adjust the height of the bottom latch while the door is hanging.

“Steelcraft channel partners and end user maintenance personnel will appreciate the advantages of ordering a hassle-free door solution that saves time and money,” reported Jeff Necastro, doors and frames product manager at Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies. “This new system also has equivalent fire ratings and, by ordering the new door and cable system together, end users can utilize their existing exit device in aftermarket applications and save on maintenance issues in the future associated with concealed vertical rods.”

Enclosed cable technology has been extensively used on automotive braking and transmission systems, aeronautical prop adjustment and throttle and pitch control systems as well as on recreation vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles and boats. Steelcraft is the first to bring this proven, durable technology factory installed within the door. 


Secura Key Launches Standalone Reader Kit

Secura Key announces that it’s simple but powerful RK65KS reader is now available in a Kit, which contains everything needed to control access to a single door.

The Radio Key® RK65K is a fully programmable, standalone single door access control system.  This password-protected, robust, indoor/outdoor standalone proximity card reader can manage up to 65,000 individual users with sequentially-numbered cards or tags, Users are added and deleted easily with an RK-HHP handheld programmer. 

For future expansion capability, the reader has a Wiegand output, which can be connected to a a multi-door access or telephone entry system, if desired.   When used as part of a larger system, the local card memory and relay may be used for degraded mode and other special functions, such as controlling lighting and HVAC. 

The cards and tags used with the RK65KS-KIT1 are fully compatible with Secura Key's SYSKIT 2-door proximity access control kits. 

Distributors and dealers can now order using a single part number.  The kit takes the guesswork out of selecting the right components, and it ensures that when the dealer arrives at the installation site, that he has everything he needs to complete the installation. 

The RK65KS KIT1 includes:

  • 1 RK65KS reader
  • 10 RKKT-02 keytags
  • 1 RK-HHP handheld programmer
  • 1 RKPS 12VDC Power Supply
  • Installation and instruction manuals.  

The compact, shrink-wrapped box has an attractive 4-color sleeve, and it fits easily onto distributor shelving.  Just add a Door Locking Device or Gate Operator with Separate Power Supply and Cable for a Complete Single Door Access Control System.

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