ABH Has All the Extras

Architectural Builders Hardware (ABH) began business in 1991. Their first products included overhead door holders and door stops. During the last 21 years the ABH product line has grown to include hospital latches, mag holders, door pivots, aluminum hinges, stainless steel hinges and many other door hardware accessories.


Cross-Reference Charts

Helpful cross reference charts are available from ABH for aftermarket replacements. This is especially helpful for locksmiths. As example, a comparison chart for ABH door holders and stops shows the correct ABH door holder or stop to use when replacing Glynn-Johnson, Rixson, DORMA, Sargent or Rockwood door holders.

Cross-Reference Charts include: Door Holders & Stops, Hospital Push/Pull Latches, Electromagnetic Door Holders, Strike & Rescue Stops, Aluminum Gear Hinges, Continuous Stainless Steel Hinges, Pivot Sets and Coordinators.

Quality ABH door holders and stops are available in either stainless steel or most popular sprayed or plated finishes.

The new ABH 1880 slidebolt lock is very unique. A slidebolt is used to fasten the door and a padlock is then inserted into the handle to secure the opening. The unit fits into the same 2 1/8” crossbore mortise as a standard key-in-knob lockset. When the bolt is moved forward, it fits into a special strikeplate. Strikeplates are available in small “T” configuration or larger ASA size. Model 1888 has a 2 3/8” backset and Model 1884 has a 2 3/4” backset. ABH 1880 slidebolts are non-handed and can be used for either temporary or permanent locking situations.


Slide Bolts

ABH series N1805 stainless steel heavy duty slide bolts are another locksmith staple. ABH slide bolts are available in 8 and 12 inch lengths. Other special lengths are available on request. Three different strike plates can be furnished depending on the door to frame arrangement. A similar N1805L slide bolt is available with a bracket which can hold a long shackle padlock to provide positive locking and security. Door coordinators and rod protectors for vertical rod exit devices are other accessory items from ABH.

Continuous Hinges

Another popular product for the locksmith aftermarket sector is continuous hinges. ABH has continuous gear hinges and stainless steel continuous barrel and pin hinges. Continuous gear hinges models are available fully concealed between frame and door or as half surface or full surface models. Some concealed models are designed for new construction while other models can be used as aftermarket replacement units. Hinges are available in 83”, 85”, 95” and 120” lengths with other lengths available on special order. Double the number of required bearings are installed to assure a long operating life.

Stainless steel barrel and pin continuous hinges are also available as full concealed or surface mount models. Both the continuous gear or the barrel and pin models are available with modifications for carrying electrical current between door and frame.

Other ABH products include door pivots, hospital push/pull hardware, electro-magnetic door holders, flush bolts, roller latches, concealed power transfers and door silencers.

For more information on Architectural Builders Hardware products, contact your local locksmith distributor or call 847-437-9901, www.abhmfg.com.