Fire Door Inspection Legwork

In the past three years, 28 states have passed laws that require annual fire door inspections. However, many institutions do not have the staff to conduct these inspections. That presents a tremendous opportunity for locksmiths.

We have been asked this question numerous times and the answer is really quite different for many situations. For instance, in some jurisdictions, the LAHJ is the fire marshal; in others, it is the fire chief. In some jurisdictions, it is the planning department or the city engineer, or any number of other officers in the jurisdiction. The best way to find out who the LAHJ is for a particular jurisdiction is to simply start calling. Call your city or county clerk, call the fire department and ask who is in charge of code enforcement. Someone will have the knowledge needed and point a person in the right direction. Once the correct official is found, it only takes setting up a meeting to determine if that person will accept reports from a locksmith, or will only accept reports from someone whose knowledge skill set has been verified by a third party.


If someone has questions, whom should they call? Can they obtain further information online?

This field really is growing and many jurisdictions are looking for a way to implement the requirement.

The International Fire Door Inspector Association can be reached at Telephone 888-541-0827 or Web Site:

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