Cell Phones: The Keeler Key

Bluetooth wireless communication allows lock operation when the owner’s cell phone is within approximately 80 feet of the lock.

The last part of the installation is the electronics module. The module is hidden in the edge of the door directly above the mortise lock. A secondary mortise cutout must be made to house the electronics module and the battery pack. An armored plate covers the electronic module. The top edge of the plate is held in position with a screw and the bottom edge fits behind the armored plate of the mortise lock. When the door is closed, no unsightly battery pack or electronics of any kind is visible either on the inner or outer surfaces of the door.

Either two AA batteries or a Nicad battery pack can be used. Holders for either type of battery are included with Keeler locksets. A built-in sleep mode saves battery life. If the lock is in the ‘sleep’ mode, simply press downward on the thumb piece to wake the unit again. Depending on the amount of usage, Keeler expects Nicad batteries to last up to 10 years. The SecuRemote app automatically shows the amount of battery life available whenever the app is used. The app also provides two display buttons for locking or unlocking the door and it also shows which condition the lock is in (locked or unlocked).

Keeler Architectural Door Hardware is on sale at stores which feature decorative hardware. Lock installation is not difficult, but it is above the expertise level of most homeowners. A good recommendation would be to visit decorative hardware locations in your area and let the store owners know that you are equipped to install mortise locks. Keeler Home Products is now developing installation jigs to be used with routers to make the installations even easier.

An additional Keeler electronic module is available which can be used with a cell phone to operate garage door openers or electric strikes. With SecuRemote software available to set user time schedules and to add or remove users, the possible uses for Keeler electronic modules are only limited by your imagination.

More Keeler lock products operated by cell phones are planned in the near future and Locksmith Ledger will report on them as they become available. According to statistics on the Internet, 9 out of 10 men, women and children in the USA own a cell phone. Keeler Home Products stands at the forefront by helping the locksmith industry capture the market as the public demand builds for security items operated by cell phones. For more information contact: www.keelerproducts.com, 800-235-9484.

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