Cell Phones: The Keeler Key

Bluetooth wireless communication allows lock operation when the owner’s cell phone is within approximately 80 feet of the lock.

Keeler Home Products has just introduced four new decorative mortise entry locksets for residences. The locksets are available in four elegant designs and each design is truly a work of art. Depending on the design, the ornate hardware base material consists of either forged brass, cast bronze or stainless steel.

Beautiful hardware is only the beginning of what makes these entry locks one-of-a-kind. Keeler architectural hardware products can be unlocked by using a cell phone. Any iPhone, tablet or phone equipped with Blackberry or Android technology can be used to operate the Keeler locks.

Bluetooth wireless communication is used which allows lock operation when the owner’s cell phone is anywhere within approximately 80 feet of the Keeler lock. Another technology, Near Field Communication (NFC), was not chosen due in part because of user inconvenience. NFC signals can only be sent a distance of a few centimeters, which requires users to be in close contact with the lock before a signal can be sent.


Keeler Home Products has developed a system called SecuRemote. Keeler literature states, “SecuRemote is an integrated access management system comprising of one physical control device, a downloadable smartphone application and an online User-Access Management (First Watch Online). SecuRemote uses the digital data network of the cellular phone carrier and the availability of Bluetooth wireless communication readily available in smartphones.”

The local mode SecuRemote system can be operated by an administrator and up to four additional users. The first phone number registered becomes the administrator. Up to four additional users can be added by the administrator phone. Each user will receive a text message with a link to download the SecuRemote application. The application operates peer-to-peer. This eliminates any time delay which might be required by network-based systems.

An unlimited amount of users can be added by subscribing to a low monthly cost, online mode program. Custom time schedules and 12-month audit trails can all be controlled by using the premium SecuRemote Online option. A password code requirement is also available. By having dual credentials of both a password and Bluetooth cell phone communication, security is enhanced in case a user’s cell phone is ever lost or stolen.



In addition to a multitude of electronic cell phone features, the Keeler hardware also has many interesting mechanical features. A quality mortise lockset with 2 1/2” backset forms the basis for all of the Keeler locksets. The standard procedure for mortise locks has always been to depend on precise placement of the trim plates in order to hold the knob and thumb turn in their proper positions. A new Keeler alignment plate simplifies the installation and guarantees precise trim plate location and smooth lock operation.

Keeler mortise locks require a rectangular cutout on the interior face of the door. The special alignment plate is inserted into the cutout and fastens directly to the lock chassis. The knob spindle and the thumb turn are then automatically held in correct positioning by the alignment plate. The inner trim hardware covers the rectangular cutout. A unique stud system on the inner trim allows one of the mortise lock cylinder set screws to retain the inner trim hardware onto the door. The outer trim hardware is held in place by the lock cylinder and one thru bolt in the thumb piece handle. The result is a very smooth operating lockset and a clean, finished appearance with no exterior trim hardware fastener screws in view.

Keeler Brass Company started in 1893 and sister companies Hickory Hardware and Belwith Products have been in business for many years making decorative handles, door pulls, knobs and associated accessories. A variety of finishes, knobs and levers allow homeowners to customize Keeler architectural door hardware.


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