Alarm Lock DL2800 Trilogy: Programming Standalone Locks Using Data Transfer Modules

The Alarm Lock DL2800 Audit Trail Pushbutton Locks provide time-scheduled access control with audit trail. This system can provide the features wanted and needed by small to medium sized companies.

For our installation, two doors will be equipped with the DL2800 cylindrical locks. They will be on the front door and the rear door. The Alarm Lock DL2800 installs into a modified standard ANSI A115 door prep, having additional through-bolt holes.

Before installing the locks, it is important to determine the users, their codes and their hierarchy. For this installation, the president determined who would be a user, the level and the time/date scheduling. Access and will be as follows. Three people will have access through the front door and seven people will have access through the rear door. Front door access will be for the company manager, assistant manager and the president. The president and company manager have access 24/7/365. The assistant manager and trusted crew will have access from 7:30 am to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Access through the rear door will be for the company manager, assistant manager, cleaning crew and “trusted” employees. The president, company manager and assistant manager will have access 24/7/365. The cleaning crew will have access 24/7, no weekends or holidays. The employees will have access from one half hour before their shift during working hours only.

The one-time entry service code will be used by contract personnel or service providers as the need arises.

As shown in our chart, The Alarm Lock DL2800 locks have the following hierarchy of users: Master, Manager, Supervisor, Basic User and One-Time Entry service code.

The president will have the Master Code. The company manager will have Manager Code. The assistant manager will have the Supervisor Codes. The cleaning crew and employees will have Basic User Codes.

To program the user codes and the time/date schedules, Alarm Lock DL-Windows software is installed onto an IBM compatible computer equipped with a serial port or USB port. Laptop computers can be directly connected to the DL2800 or programming can be transferred using the AL-DTMII Data Transfer Module (DTMIII). For this article, we will use simplify the programming of each lock by using the DTMIII.

Once the DL-Windows software has been loaded onto the computer, opening the program will bring up a window as the starting point for all of the operations to program the locks, functions and users. To begin programming, right-click anywhere on the white vertical bar in order to bring up a pop-up and highlight new account. Type in a name for the installation. For this article, we will name it AL article. Then you have to create new lock profiles, one for each lock.

A lock profile contains the information necessary for a specific lock to operate including the user codes that will have access, the programmable features for each lock, and time zones and schedules permitting the user codes to gain access. Profiles are created for every Alarm Lock DL2800 lock in the access control system. The lock profile includes the description of the lock and the lock type. For this article, the description will be Front Door and Back Door. The lock model type is the DL2800.

Important: We will complete the front door lock profile as a template and clone this for the back door lock.

The first window to bring up is the Global Users Account Name. Click on the Add Administrative Users button. This window is a database of the users, a place for their codes and the other functions including choosing the lock and the data transfer module (299). It contains the Group each user is in, who gains access and the credential required for access. Once the accept button has been pressed, any changes made in the future will be included.

Important: Always change the six-digit Master Code to a new code.

The Alarm Lock DL2800 allows individuals to be loaded one at a time or using an Excel spread sheet load all of the users at one time. The DL2800 has capability to import an Excel CSV file. To use an Excel spreadsheet, have the company create an Excel CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, containing the first and last names of the persons who will have access. This eliminates the need to type in each name individually into the DL-Windows software to create the user database. The format for the import is listed under “Tools” on the software.

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