Cable Solutions: Altronix HubWay16Di & eBridge EoC

Altronix helps meet the cable requirements of IP, fire, life safety, security, access control and video surveillance systems.

The matrix switch enables the signals to be re-routed as required.


UL & CUL Listed for Information Technology Equipment (UL-60950-1)

CE Approved


  • 12VDC to 24VDC Class 2 power supply (polarity not observed) or 12VAC to 24VAC Class 2 plug-in transformer.

Power Consumption:

  • eBridge1CR/eBridge1CT; eBridge16CR, 12VDC/175mA, 24VDC/90mA, 12VAC/325mA, 24VAC/175mA.

Applications for the eBridge1Ct and eBridge1CR include retrofit digital IP cameras in an analog CCTV installation. They work with Megapixel, HD720, HD1080 and VGA (SD) cameras

• Extend Network link distance in an industrial environment.

• Upgrade deployed CCTV coax to a digital network for Retail, Casinos, Airports, Schools, Hospitals, etc.

• Enable simultaneous transmission of composite and digital IP video.

Another issue is the cameras, and as time goes on, the price of IP cameras continues to go down, bringing them into the same price range as higher end analog cameras. Many earlier performance barriers associated with IP cameras have been overcome. Many features of IP cameras are totally unavailable in analog cameras.

Since IP cameras use network technologies and computer processing and storage hardware which has also become extremely cost effective which further enhance the value of IP cameras.

Finally software and applications make remote video management, surveillance and archiving all more flexible and convenient than ever before.

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