Von Duprin Concealed Vertical Cable System Reduces Installation Time and Maintenance

Concealed Cable System installs in only two minutes, provides a streamlined appearance and eliminates frustrations with traditional concealed vertical systems

The latches are adjustable with the door mounted. The bottom latch position can be adjusted within two inches without any modifications required.

The cables are ordered according to the height of the door:


Door Height Range

Feet Inches Low High

6’8” 80” 7’9” 80.5”

7’ 8’4” 83” 84.5”

8’ 96” 95” 96.5”

9’ 108” 107” 108.5”

10” 120” 119” 120.5”


Von Duprin designed this cable exit device with the ability to move the bottom latch two inches in order to compensate for the different conditions that affect a door. To gain access to the bottom latch, an access hole is drilled into the lock edge of the door at approximately 3-1/4” above the bottom of the door. Behind a snap-on cap, an attached pin keeps the bottom latch mounting bracket and bottom latch in position. The pin can be removed, permitting the bottom latch to be raised or lowered to align at the bottom of the door.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or www.securitytechnologies.ingersollrand.com.

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