ABUS Introduces TITALIUM™ Padlocks

ABUS has created TITALIUM™, an aluminum alloy that is a strong, silver colored metal that sparkles and is corrosion resistant. ABUS TITALIUM™ series padlocks have a brushed stainless steel appearance that should not discolor over time.

These padlocks are approximately 30 percent lighter than traditional brass padlocks, featuring the same level of security. To maintain a higher level of security, most TITALIUM™ body padlocks have a dual ball bearing locking mechanism that makes pulling and prying more difficult. Both ball bearings must be released in order to release the shackle.

The ABUS TITALIUM™ padlock series offers various sizes to meet the end users’ applications: the 64TI series, the 80TI series, the 54TI series, and the specialty padlocks. They included the rekeyable 90RK/50 close shackle service padlock and the rekeyable 83AL/40 & 83AL/45 padlocks that accept ABUS cylinders and original equipment manufacturers cylinders. The 83AL/40 padlocks are also available as an SFIC version that can accommodate a five-, six- or seven-pin core.

ABUS 64TI series padlocks have the NANO PROTECT™ shackle and the TITALIUM™ composition bodies in sizes 25, 30, 40 and 50 mm. 64TI series padlocks are available in three shackle lengths (1”, 1½” and 3”) whose diameters increase with the larger width padlock bodies. The 64TI padlocks are operated by five pin tumbler lock cylinder with chromium plated plug face and a paracentric keyway.

64TI Series padlocks use the 65 profile nickel-plated brass keys. The 64TI30 Series uses the ABUS 12021 key blank. The 64TI40 Series uses the ABUS 12022 key blank. The 64TI50 and 60 Series use the ABUS 12023 key blank. 64TI series padlocks are not rekeyable.

ABUS Flagship 80TI series padlocks are available with a 40, 45, or 50 mm width body and three shackle lengths. The steel shackle is plated with the NANO PROTECT™ coating. Shackle diameter varies by body width. These heavier weight padlocks are operated by a six pin tumbler lock cylinder. The six-pin tumbler sized key, part number 10034 has a thick key blade. The 80TI padlocks are not rekeyable.

ABUS 54TI series TITALIUM™ body padlocks are equipped with a hardened steel shackle in varying lengths. Shackle diameter varies by body width. These lighter weight padlocks are operated by five pin tumbler lock cylinder. The key blank part number varies by the body width. The 54TI padlocks are not rekeyable.

The 90/50 TITALIUM™ Series is constructed with a 3/8” diameter stainless steel shackle and the internal components are designed with non-corrosive materials. The two-inch width body close shackle exposes a minimal amount while providing a secured opening of ¾” by 13/16”. The 90/50 rekeyable padlock accepts any of ABUS 15 different keyway cylinders.

The 83AL/40 and 83AL/45 Series padlocks are available in multiple anodized colors with different length shackles of the 1/4” diameter shackles up to four inches. The 83 Series padlock shackles can be changed to accommodate the application. They are available in varying lengths from one inch to six inches depending upon the model. The 83AL shackles can be ordered in NANO-PROTECT™ plated alloy steel, stainless steel or brass. The rekeyable padlocks are equipped with the ABUS patented “Z-Bar” that converts between key-retaining and non-key-retaining.

The 83 Series ABUS lock cylinders are available in 15 commercial and residential keyways including:

  • Arrow
  • Corbin 60 59A1, 59A2, 59B1, 59B2
  • Corbin L4
  • Kwikset 5 Pin
  • Master W6000, Master M1
  • Russwin D1-D4
  • Sargent LA-LC
  • Schlage C, Schlage C-L
  • Schlage Everest C123, C145
  • Weiser/Falcon
  • Yale No.8

These ABUS 83 Series lock cylinders have a “pinning window” in the bottom of the lock cylinder that provides a view of the plug and access to the bottom pins without having to remove the plug from the lock cylinder. A release pin limits the plug rotation.

For more information, contact your nearest ABUS Distributor or ABUS Lock Company. Telephone: (623) 516-9933. Web Site: www.abuslock.com.


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