Rytan Has A Steel Key Solution

In approximately 30 minutes, locksmiths who own a Rytan RY100 or RY200 can install the Rytan RY103 Optional Carbide Cutter and Pulley Kit.

The RY103 kit comes with a solid carbide cutting wheel, cutter shaft and pulley, motor pulley and belt. The new cutter shaft with built-in pulley has a smaller diameter. The motor pulley has a larger diameter. The new cutter shaft and pulley and the motor pulley change the geometry, doubling the cutter speed.


RY100 Conversion

For this article, we converted an RY100. The tools required are a 1” closed end wrench, a 1/8”, 3/16” and 5/32” hex wrenches.

The first step is to install two key blanks stacked in the cutter vise. Use the top shoulder key gauge, making sure they both properly align with each other. Turn on the machine and cut a V-notch in the middle of the blanks. They will be the spacing guides to adjust the new cutter shaft.

The next step is to unplug the key machine.

Remove the brush, brush guard and clear cutter guard if equipped.

Remove the cutter using the 1” closed end wrench by depressing the cutter shaft lock. Turn the nut counterclockwise to loosen.

Remove the belt guard and the belt.

As an option, use a digital camera to photograph the cutter shaft area. When you install the new cutter shaft, try to position it as close as possible to the old cutter shaft. This will simplify the adjustments required.

Loosen the two 5/32” hex head screws in order to slide out the cutter shaft.

Once the old cutter shaft assembly has been removed, install the new cutter shaft assembly in the same position.

Remove the motor pulley using a 1/8” hex wrench and install the new motor pulley.

Install the new belt.

Install the carbide cutter. Tighten the nut in the clockwise direction.

Place the upper key into the cutter vise jaw.

Place the lower key into the pattern vise jaw.

Use the top should key gauge to position the keys.

Release the carriage positioning it having the stylus (copy dog) in the pattern jaw key v-notch.

Observe the cutter position in regards to the V-notch in the key.

Adjust the cutter shaft assembly so the cutter is centered within the V-notch.

Rotate the cutter backwards. If the cutter does not contact the blade on either side, the spindle is in adjustment.

If not, loosen the two hex head screws and slide the cutter shaft to center the carbide cutter within the notch.

Tighten the 5/32” hex screws. Do not over tighten.

Install the belt and the belt guard.

Install the brush guard, brush and cutter guard if equipped.

After the installation has been completed, adjust the depth of cut.

The carbide cutter cuts key blanks with ferrous metal content and provides a smoother finish. Most key blanks can be duplicated a little faster.

Carbide cutters can be re-sharpened multiple times.

The time to install the kit is approximately 30 minutes

The RY103 can also be installed onto the RY256 and RY456 key machines. Contact the factory prior to installing.

The RY103 is available without the carbide cutter.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Rytan Inc., 455 Maple Street, Torrance, CA 90503. Telephone: 800-447-9826. Web Site: www.rytan.com.

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