The Impact of Closers, REXs and Electric Strikes On Door Control

Typical door issues caused by faulty door closers are doors which are hard to open, do not close completely, slam, or leak hydraulic fluid.

Re-lock Mode can be selected to run in timer mode or door position mode. In timer mode, the relay hold-time will control when the security device is re-locked, and it is adjustable from 1/2 to 60 seconds.

In addition, the timer mode features selectable sub-modes of operation, re-starting mode, where the relay hold time will not expire as long as the sensor is in detection or non-re-starting mode, where the relay will remain active for only the adjusted relay hold time.

In door position mode, a door position switch connected to the door position switch input on the R2E-100 will control when the door is re-locked. The door position mode also has an advanced re-locking feature that is selectable as 10 or 30 seconds, for the scenario that if the sensor has gone into detection but the door has not been opened, the R2E-100 will re-lock the door and become secure again.

The R2E-100’s relay output consists of two Form “C” contacts that can be wired as normally-opened or normally-closed. Also, with the R2E-100, there is no need for any additional surge protection in the wiring of the EL device to the relay, as surge protection already is built into the sensor. This built-in protection eliminates the need for any additional components.

The R2E-100 also contains an alarm that can be activated to sound when the door is open or when the El device is released, depending upon the sensor’s mode. The alarm’s volume can also be adjusted or turned off.

The R2E-100 provides for 3 auxiliary inputs: an external push button; a card reader or other entry signal, and connections for a door position switch.

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Electric Strike

The Rutherford Controls 5 Series Strike With Optional Latch Monitor installs easily in an ANSI prepped metal frame, eliminating the need to cut the face of the frame for the latch gate.

It is UL Listed, designed for commercial duty. This strike is intended for use with cylindrical locksets with ½” to 5/8” latch projection. This strike has a very shallow (less than an inch) mechanism body which will frequently fit inside the frame’s shadow (dust) box without alterations.

The device is furnished with a full set of mounting hardware, offset tabs and shims. Proper vertical and horizontal alignment of the strike and latch is critical for smooth operation. The strike has an integral means of vertical adjustment to optimize the latch/strike vertical alignment.

Things to observe on the door and frame which may complicate the installation include:

  • Shallow or distorted shadow box
  • Poorly aligned or bent flanges
  • Vertical misalignment of the latch and strike center line
  • Twisted frame or distorted hinges which introduce bind or loading of latch and strike in the closed position.

These issues need to be addressed for most electric strike installations.

Electrically this strike has all the filed selectable features we have grown to expect: 12-24 VDC/VAC, and field configurable for Fail-safe or Fail-secure.

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