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Major Mfg. HIT-66-281 Major Manufacturing has introduced thee Schlage CO Series mortise lock template, the HIT-66-281. This multi-part aluminum anodized template has hardened drill bushings and notated information adjacent to the bushings to insure...


Use the Slide Lock Mercedes Strip™, a Wedge Shield and if necessary a wedge to enlarge the opening along the “B” pillar, in order to unlock the front passenger door locking mechanism. Carefully wedge the window open to provide a slot for the Mercedes Strip. Insert the Wedge Shield to protect the paint and the weather stripping. Insert the banded end of the Mercedes Strip into the opening behind the rear edge of the front door against the Wedge Shield. Slide the tool into the opening far enough to loop the vertical locking button. Once the button has been looped, carefully pull up and out to trap the button. Maintain pressure and pull up on the tool to unlock the locking mechanism.


Use the Tech-Train Productions TT-1001 car-opening tool to unlock the rear passenger’s door. Determine the distance from the bottom of the outside door handle assembly to the weather stripping and mark this length on the car opening tool. Insert the wedge just forward of the rear door window divider. If desired, insert an inspection light into the door cavity and determine the location of the lower horizontal rod. Insert the TT-1001 between the wedge and the divider. Lower the tool a bit farther down than the determined distance. Rotate the tool so the tip is pointing into the passenger compartment. Pull up on the tool to capture the lower linkage rod. Twist the tool to bind the linkage rod and lever the tool forward to unlock the locking mechanism.

The direction to rotate 2005-11 Cadillac DTS driver’s door lock plug to the unlocked position is clockwise.

For more information,  contact your local locksmith distributor or the following car-opening tool manufacturers.

High Tech Tools, 1628 NW 28th St., Miami, FL 33142. Telephone: 1-800-323-8324. Fax: 305-635-1015. Website: www.hightechtools.com.

Pro-Lok, 655 North Hariton St., Orange, CA 92868. Telephone: 714-633-0681. Fax: 714-633-0470. Website: www.pro-lok.com

Slide Lock Tool Co. Inc., 1166 Topside Rd., Louisville, TN 37777. Telephone: 800-336-8812. Website: www.z-tool.com.

Lockmasters Inc., 2101 John C. Watts Drive, Nicholasville, KY 40356. Telephone: 800-654-0637. Fax: 859-885-7093 .Website: www.lockmasters.com

We are interested in printing opening methods from other car-opening tool manufacturers. Contact Jerry Levine C/O Locksmith Ledger 3030 Salt Creek Lane, Suite 200, Arlington Heights, IL 60005. Fax: 847-454-2759. E-mail: jerry.levine@cygnus.com.


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