Custom Safe Ordering Made Easy

Security has advanced over time. The industry has had to keep up with different technologies used by burglars to break into safes. Safe manufacturers have always attempted to keep a step ahead with regards to keeping valuables protected.

INKAS® Safe Manufacturing realizes that every customer has different needs. Whether it is the size of the safe, the level of security, the type of lock, or the interior features, Inkas makes safes to accommodate all customers’ needs. When customers are ordering products of such complexity, they would usually like to see drawings or sketches prior to issuing there final purchase order.

INKAS® Safe Manufacturing has established a way for locksmiths and safe distributors to show their customers exactly what they are ordering without actually having the product physically there. We know how many times customers may change their mind with regards to dimensions, internal features, and locks during the safe purchasing process. This requires sketches to be altered which can be a timely process and may not always be 100 percent accurate. We have invented an online tool that will give locksmiths the opportunity to show all possible customizations that can be made on the safe.

The “Build Your Own” tool is simple to use. First, go to and click on “Build Your Own” in the top menu. Once the new window has loaded, choose the safe model you would like to modify. The program will display all modifications once you have inputted them. As mentioned above, the safe exterior can have a custom color, finish, handle, exterior locks and even a front escutcheon plate. The Escutcheon plate can have a custom logo, family name, company name, or the standard INKAS® logo.

The safe interior can be customized to add fixed shelves (as opposed to adjustable ones), insert metal or wooden pull-out drawers, add interior lockable compartments, and add panels with sets of automatic watch winders. All of the components can be modified in terms of size, finish, hinge side, etc. At any stage you can add components, make change or start all over.

The utility is built with pre-set limits so that you can never make a mistake in the component sizing. If you run into trouble using our tool – Call Inkas at 1 (877) 464-6527

Once all modifications have been finalized, fill out the contact form and within a few minutes you will receive the safe specification together with exterior and interior images of your custom safe right to your mailbox. This information will never contain any pricing so you can immediately demonstrate or forward it to your client. You can even build custom interior together with your customer!

Once we receive your custom inquiry, our sales representative will contact you promptly and provide a quote based on the specification you developed.

We welcome you to test our tool without any commitment. Just key in the word “TEST” in the contact form and we will immediately know that you are only practicing.

For further inquiries on the new “Build Your Own” tool please contact us at +1 (877) 464-6527 or by sending an e-mail request to