Adventures in the World of Door & Gate Operators

Door operators are door components much like door closers, hinges or locksets. Therefore it makes sense for the locksmith to install and service them.

All guide rails include heavy duty solid aluminum rail feet and all necessary mounting hardware crafted of stainless steel to protect against rusting and corrosion. For enhanced stability, the guide rail’s leg can be extended 6” below its mounting feet for core drilling.

The standard radius on curved rails is 6 inches.

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The GyroTechGTO SL2000B Low Voltage Slide Gate Operator is designed for residential, farm and light commercial use. It is available with a solar panel so line voltage trenching is not necessary. Features include:

  • 12 volt system
  • No electrician needed for installation
  • Quick and easy installation, with user friendly, photographed instructions
  • Optional concrete mounting pad available
  • Solar Panel Charger available for remote locations (requires large battery pack for solar applications)
  • Can operate 50 to 140 gate cycles during peak hours of operation, depending on size and weight of gate
  • Can handle single gates up to 20 feet wide opening
  • Receiver unit with antenna and 20-foot cable can be placed in best location for reception of signal
  • Can be operated by remote transmitter, digital keypad, push button or combination
  • Programmable control box

Gyro Tech changed the automatic door industry by pioneering the first electromechanical operator in 1971. Parent company NABCO Entrances supplies quality entrance system products that meet growing pedestrian needs, and the needs of retail stores, hospitals, schools, restaurants and other commercial and industrial institutions throughout North America.

NABCO Entrances helps businesses grow by providing a safer, more convenient and more comfortable environment for customers and staff while reducing liability and operating costs.

We bid a project where a Gyro Tech was specified, and were pleased with procurement and installation experience. Each door operator is built to order, enabling the dealer to customize the operator so it spans the opening thereby ensuring a simpler and more stable installation.

The GT 500 provides all the necessary features for accommodating the elderly or physically challenged and it saves energy. The GT 500 electromechanical closer operates in manual or automatic mode with microprocessor control that incorporates recycle and “push-n-go” features.

The new sideload header was developed to make it easier and faster to install and service the door operator and controls. The access panel, located on the side of the header instead of the bottom, simply pivots up and locks into position, out of the way. This enables the operator to be quickly installed or removed for easy servicing while allowing the door to remain in a closed position, eliminating the loss of energy from within the building.

The GT 500 is available as a complete swing door package including mechanical operator, sensors, jambs and styles.

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