The Back Page, March 2012

TWENTY YEARS AGO The Sentry group suggested that locksmiths should be made aware of the need of safes for fire protection. An advertisement for Norton proclaimed that 15 million Norton door closers had been sold. Wonder what that number is today...

7) Did serviceman clean up after himself?                                             ___   ___

8) Did serviceman have a professional attitude?                                               ___   ___

9) Did serviceman explain your lock functions

    and show you how the lock worked?                                                  ___   ___

10) Are more parts needed for return work?                                      ___   ___

11) Is there any more work needing to be done?                              ___   ___

12) Would you call us again for service?                                 ___   ___

13) Would you recommend us to your friends

      or business associates?                                                                           ___   ___




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