Staying Competitive in the Kingdom of Accountability

If you haven’t heard it, you must have been asleep for the last 10 years. The word of the decade among the industry is “accountability.” Around the globe, more and more facilities are placing greater emphasis on security professionals (independent...

Particularly within facilities with strictly secure areas such as airports and government buildings, and highly trafficked facilities like hospitals and universities, managers are increasingly held accountable for who has access and when. Amid the numerous federal regulations that have placed tighter restrictions upon businesses in the last decade, those in the locksmith profession must be diligent in identifying solutions to help their customers stay compliant and accountable.

With locksmith technicians being in front of customers most of the time, it makes them the best avenue to see opportunities and inform customers of better approaches. Locksmiths who can equip their clients with a system that not only promotes accountability through access control, but that can accommodate any security challenge as it arises in an efficient, cost-effective manner will become a valued long-term partner and boost their credibility (and bottom line).

Today’s physical security market is fraught with challenges and changes, but also opportunity. The expectation of accountability rules over everything else. The locksmith who recognizes this new demand, upholds a responsibility to his or her customers, invests in education and leverages expertise will be well served.

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Joseph Kingma is the Director of Marketing and eCylinder Business Development for Medeco.

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