LockOne™ LKM7000: Combining Life Safety With Increased Security

When integrated with a high security lock, the single motion egress feature of the LKM7000 Lock Series creates a FF-L-2890 compliant pedestrian door lock.


Levels of Security

The LKM7000 Lock Series provides the following tiers of security. First, the combination lock such as the X-09 must be dialed open. Then the electronic access control is used to allow access into the room, which also provides audit capabilities if required. An optional key override version, the LKM7003, is also available which allows the user to override the electronic access control system by a mechanical key in case of a power failure or malfunction. However, this does not override the combination lock, so the security of the combination lock is never compromised. Egress is never impeded. The LKM7000 Lock Series’ handle on the secure side of the door can be pushed or pulled to allow single motion egress no matter the condition the combination lock and access control system. More importantly the user doesn’t need “special” knowledge to exit the room.

All versions of the LockOne™ LKM7000 are surface mounted rim devices, meaning that they are non-handed and can be used on single or double door applications. A variety of surface-mounted strikes are available so the lock can be installed on hollow metal, solid core wood and acoustical doors and frames with regular or reverse bevels.

The LKM7000 Lock Series meets Federal Specification FF-L-2890A for Pedestrian Door Devices. When it’s integrated with a lock that meets Federal Specification FF-L-2740A, it satisfies all requirements to secure rooms with open storage of classified material.

For more information on the LKM7000 Lock Series, installation and certification classes contact Lockmasters Inc. at 1-800-654-0637 or visit the website www.lockmasters.com

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