Increasing Security with Pacific Lock Hidden Shackle Hockey-Puck Padlocks

The diameter and position of the shackle prevent unauthorized entry from pulling the cylinder, core or plug.

The X and IC sleeve assemblies contain specialized parts to accommodate a cylinder or a SFIC. The shackle component for the SFIC has two fingers that slide into the rear of the core’s plug. The fingers transfer the operation from the plug to the lock mechanism. A special washer is inserted into the sleeve which secures the shackle in place.

The IC sleeve assembly comes complete. To install the sleeve into the padlock, loosen the 2.5 mm diameter setscrew. Insert the IC sleeve assembly and tighten enough to secure the sleeve, permitting it to slide within the padlock body.

The control key retracts the lug, permitting the core to slide into the IC sleeve. Once inserted, extending the lug and removing the control key secures the core. The padlock is now operable.

The X sleeve assembly contains a driver that replaces the existing lock cylinder driver. The X sleeve driver is sized to mate with the shackle. Several different drivers accommodate the lock cylinder manufacturer. The shackle has a slot at the front into which the driver slides. The shackle is slid into the X sleeve assembly and the stopper slid on top.

The barrel plug slides over the bible of the cylinder and secures the cylinder into the X sleeve. The driver is installed and the barrel plug covers the bible, the cylinder is slid into the sleeve. The Phillips head screw secures the cylinder. The X sleeve assembly is inserted to the padlock and secured using a 2.5 mm diameter setscrew. The padlock is now operable.

400XIC and 2170XIC hockey-puck padlocks and sleeve assemblies are sold separately.

As the demand for hidden shackle locking systems increases, so will the need for new designs. Starting in 2012, Pacific Lock will have the ability to manufacture short run, custom jobs where unusual padlock designs are commonplace.

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