Keys To Success When Selling Pushbutton Locks

So you are wondering how to sell pushbutton locks to your customers. Waiting is one choice. The other, better choice is to become proactive and seek the business. You must anticipate what your target customer might be experiencing, (based on your...

Explain that you install, program, test and train for the price you are charging. There is a huge difference between buying a box of locks over the counter at a big box store or on the Internet and what you actually do. Pushbutton locks provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate your value-added attributes and help get closer to the sale at the profits you desire.

The “close” includes your invitation for them to take action. Ask for the order. Would you like to buy this now? Can we schedule that installation now? Will you be paying with Mastercard or Visa?

A few final comments. To proactively sell typically means higher margins and the opportunity to demonstrate higher value through personal interaction. Don’t wait for the call; initiate the action. You can sell pushbutton locks to existing customers.


Joey Dalessio is Director of Business Development at Codelocks, Inc. E-mail him at or visit to learn about CodeLocks’ pushbutton locks.

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