Installing the Trine 4850 Surface-Mount Electric Strike

The Trine 4850 enables locksmiths to accommodate most rim exit devices

The configuration of the doorway has a narrow jamb stop, just wide enough to mount the strike. A spacer (aluminum plate) was necessary in order to mount the Trine 4850 onto the jamb. The electric strike was mounted onto both the jamb stop and the aluminum plate to have the keeper in the proper location to accommodate the Pullman Bolt and secure the door.

The Trine patented 6-pin anchoring system provides additional lateral strength and stability to resist forced entry. For this installation, two pin anchoring system holes were drilled into both the jamb stop and the aluminum plate. Two ¼-20 mounting screw holes were drilled and tapped into the aluminum plate to secure the electric strike onto the jamb.

To locate the 4850 onto the jamb, laterally position the electric strike keeper in the approximate position of the strike. Check to make sure the Pullman Bolt is centered on the strike. Once located, using the top and bottom slotted holes, draw two ovals for the socket screws. Drill one #7 hole in the center of each and tap the holes for a ¼-20 thread. Mount the electric strike using the two provided socket mounting screws. Close the door a number of times to be certain the electric strike is in the proper position. Make lateral adjustments as necessary.

When the electric strike is in the proper position, use a pencil to draw a line around the body. Remove the 4850. Use a spacer plate as a template to locate the four top and bottom pin anchoring holes. Use a #30 drill bit to drill the four holes.

Note: The Trine 4850’s factory default operation is Fail Secure. In this mode of operation, power is required in order to release the Pullman Bolt.

The 4850 can be field changed from Fail Secure to Fail Safe by removing the three cover screws and the cover plate. Lift out the solenoid and remove the plunger and the blue spring assembly (Blue spring assembly = Fail Secure operation). Insert the plunger with the red spring assembly (Red spring assembly = Fail Safe operation). The next step is to lift off the actuator cam in the Fail Secure position and flip it over to be in the Fail Safe position (Fail Safe has an “X” on top). Re-insert the solenoid, making sure the plunger and Red spring are in the proper position. Test the operation of the strike before installing the cover.

Once the cover has been attached, install the four pin anchors into the electric strike. Connect the electrical and slide it onto the jamb. Thread the two socket screws and mount the 4850 onto the jamb. Power the electric strike and test the operation.

Important: Before planning an installation of any electronic locking mechanism, always check with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

The Trine 4850 Surface Mounted Electric Strike offers the ability to accommodate most rim exit devices in order to provide your customers with electronic access control for non-fire rated openings.

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