Mag Lock Attractions: When, Where, How?

The type of door and frame, the swing of the door, and the adjacent walls and ceilings factor into the selection of the proper maglock.

Besides unlocking the maglock, REX sensors usually provide a dry set of contacts for interconnection to external electronic access control equipment. If the door being controlled is being monitored by a door position sensor, and programmed to report FORCED DOOR or PROPPED DOOR events, then a REX sensor is required so that the door may be used for authorized egress without the system reporting a FORCED DOOR or PROPPED DOOR message.

When using a REX motion Sensor, care must be taken to aim the detector so that it only picks up movement in a precise area in front of the door so that the sensor cannot be tricked into unlocking the door by individuals wishing to gain unauthorized entry.

Self Contained Delayed Egress: All the components required for a Delayed Egress Locking system are built into the device. Besides simplifying installation, having everything designed and integrated in the factory ensures the device will operate as expected after it is installed.

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