Outfitting A New Service Van

Advantages of this new Ford Transit Connect include its ability to traverse congested urban streets and its good gas mileage.

The final modification is signage. Each of our trucks is a moving billboard for the public to see as our locksmiths travel around the area. Computers have taken over the sign painter’s job. The words we want printed on the new truck were sent by E-mail to the sign maker. The signage was not ready for this article, but the sign company sent back images of what the signs will look like for our approval. The picture in this article is not the actual finished vehicle signs, but only the computer image of what the vehicle will look like.

The Ford Transit Connect is smaller than our old Astro Van and that does take some personal adjustment. Many of the Transit Connect vans on the road have a roof rack to carry ladders and we may need a roof rack too. The roof is a little lower inside as compared to Astro Vans and that is a problem for taller workers, but the driver’s seating position is very comfortable regardless of the driver’s height. The van does get approximately 20-25 miles per gallon and that is an important plus these days.

Finishing touches are never complete. Extras such as interior lights are yet to be installed. So far, however, our shop is very pleased with our new addition.

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