ABUS KeyGarage™: Smart Storage for Keys and Access Cards

Security products come in all shapes, sizes and applications. Abus Lock Company, known for decades for their padlock and hasp innovations, has been expanding their product line. The latest addition is their ABUS KeyGarage™, which securely stores keys...

In the next 60-90 days, more additions to the 83 S2 family will be available. The ABUS 83AL/40 S2 is an anodized aluminum bodied padlock equipped with a ¼” diameter shackle. It comes with a choice of multiple shackle lengths. This padlock will come standard with the three ABUS patented features: cylinder pinning window, quick shackle change feature, and Z-bar capability. It is designed to accept most original equipment key-in-knob lock cylinders. It will be available in three colors.

The ABUS 83AL-IC/40 S2 anodized aluminum body is designed to accept small format interchangeable cores. This padlock has an anodized aluminum body that is equipped with a ¼” diameter shackle. This shackle is available with a choice of multiple shackle lengths. It will be available in three colors. This padlock provides a solution for safety lockouts when an interchangeable core system is required.

Note: Laser engraving is available on all the 83 Series padlocks. Contact ABUS Lock for more information.

Shackle collar

Another innovation is the development of a shackle collar that can be used with the 83 Series padlocks. This collar enables the use of a chain to secure the padlock. Previously, to secure a chain to a padlock, you either had to weld a link to the shackle or use a riveted connector attached to the end of the chain. The riveted connector method uses a relatively weak chain.

ABUS collars are available for the 83 Series in three shackle diameters; 5/16”, 3/8” and 7/16”. The hardened steel collars are specially drilled to fit onto the shackle but not to slide over the shackle curve.

To install the collar, the shackle must be removed from the padlock as it is slid onto the fixed leg. With the ABUS 83 Series patented feature of the quick shackle change, this makes this process very simple and one can change out shackles in seconds. Once the shackle has been removed, the collar is slid into place on the fixed leg and the chain is slid onto the shackle beneath the collar. The shackle is installed onto the padlock body. This way, when the shackle is unlocked the collar and the chain cannot be removed. The free end of the chain can be slid onto the open shackle leg. Locking the shackle then locks the chain in place. ABUS has ¼” diameter and 5/16” diameter chain available in pre-cut lengths of two, six and ten feet. These chains are covered with a nylon sleeve. Chain of larger sizes and lengths is also available upon request.


Chamber 6 Access

In late 2011, ABUS will be launching their latest patented feature for the 83 S2 lock cylinder, called the C6A (Chamber 6 Access). This design features a slide cover over the 6th pin chamber. This feature allows the user to convert the cylinders from 5-pin to 6-pin in seconds by loading the 6th pin chamber from the back of the cylinder and sliding the cover in place. For all profiles, other then the Schlage® Everest C123, C145 and Corbin® L4 the 6th pin chamber will be uncovered.

Included with the C6A cylinder will be a small bag containing one slide cover, one mushroom pin and one spring. A bottom pin will not be included and must be provided by the locksmith servicing the padlock. The slide on the sixth pin chamber will indicate it is uncombinated.

This new patented feature will save time and money when it comes to having to pin multiple cylinders at once. More information will follow as the earliest release date will be December 2011.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or ABUS Lock Company, 23910 North 19th Ave, #56 Phoenix, AZ 85085. Telephone: (623) 516-9933. Web Site: www.abuslock.com.

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