Fire Door Inspections Heating Up

As locksmiths, we are ideally suited to offer fire door inspections. We spend most of our lives looking at and servicing openings and door hardware in order to protect life and property. We not only install product, but also service existing hardware...

IFDIA curriculum is completely online. The course includes many real life examples of in the field, non-compliant door assemblies. Additionally, there are many photos and direct links to code enforcement sites that you can bookmark on your computer for future reference.

IFDIA self-issues certification to members who pass their online curriculum. Photo ID badges are also issued for free and contain the title of “Certified Fire Door Inspector”. The IFDIA course is also accredited by IAS (International Accreditation Services) a subsidiary of the ICC.

Those who pass the IFDIA online course or the DHI FDAI course are given free membership in the International Fire Door Inspector Association. Membership comes with a number of benefits, including the free online report generation tool, a free profile page and promotion of each association member’s services through a look-up tool used by building and property owners. Local Authority Having Jurisdiction’s (LAHJ) can also look up inspectors, to use as a reference for interested building owners. With these free tools, the IFDIA Fire Door Inspector’s can submit reports electronically, write bid proposals and communicate with your customers in a secure environment. All that is needed is an email address and Internet connection.

In these tough economic times, any additional service we can offer our customers is especially welcome. When you add fire door inspection services, you will be providing important information regarding the condition of their fire rated openings.

Should you decide to engage in this new income generation opportunity, you will want to make sure you do so in a way that doesn’t present a conflict of interest. The field of fire door inspection services is wide open. With the code requirements being adopted in many states, the final step is for the AHJ’s to have a ready resource of trained contractor fire door inspectors who can give them reports. Become one of those ready resources for their constituents to call upon.

Find out more about the International Fire Door Inspector Association program at

As professional locksmiths, we should always be mindful of presenting an ethical and aboveboard range of services.


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