Corbin Russwin Continues a Tradition

As a young locksmith I would often see mortise locks or keys in our locksmith shop containing the logo “Creo.” It was not until years later that I found out the letters really stood for Russell & Erwin Company. The “C” enclosed the other letters...

Unit Locks: Corbin Russwin has a long record of accomplishments with unit locks. Although internal designs have changed over years, the basic structure of a pre-assembled lockset which fits into a notched cutout in the door has remained the same for over 100 years. The Pullman latch and lock chassis are combined into one unit. Lock installations do not depend on thin sections of door material for solidifying the latch unit in place. Instead, the single-unit lock case is securely clamped against the door surfaces for the strongest possible protection against forced entry.

UT5200 Unit Locksets are available in either lever lock or knob lock designs. Eight lock functions are listed in the Corbin Russwin catalog including passage, privacy, entrance classroom, storeroom and store door operation. Keying systems include standard security, interchangeable core or master ring cylinders. Master ring cylinders, another Corbin Russwin invention, allow the development of very large master key systems in comparison with single shearline master key systems.

Electronics: Electronic access control is playing an increasing role. Corbin Russwin features many electronic lock products including the Access 800 AC2 series of standalone locksets. This group of locksets is of special interest to locksmiths. Battery power simplifies installations and a wide choice of options provides the correct system for any customer requirement. 800 AC2 configurations are available for cylindrical, mortise or exit device installations. All Access 800 AC2 locks are enclosed in a sleek, architecturally pleasing design.

Seven Access 800 AC2 lock configurations are available. Many standard features are included for specialized customer needs. The M800 model contains memory for 1000 audit trail events while M801-M806 models will hold 2000 audit trail events in memory. Keypad models can use codes of 1 to 6 digits. M801-M806 models contain many features including time zone settings, holiday settings and auto unlock operations. Six AA batteries provide battery life for an estimated 80,000 cycles for models M800-M803 and for an estimated 4 1/2 months for RF models M804-M806. All models have accommodations for hard wiring if necessary. Access 800 AC2 models are UL listed for fire doors and meet ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 requirements.

Corbin Russwin also offers a full range of electronic access control locks that integrate with many popular access control systems, including Integrated Wiegand and IP-enabled (WiFi and Power over Ethernet) technologies.

Corbin Russwin is an Assa Abloy Group company. For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Corbin Russwin, 888-607-5703,

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