Slick Locks: No-Drill Truck Hasps

The Blade is available for Ford E-series vans 1992 to the present, GM Express/GMC Savana vans 1997 to the present and Ford Transit Connect vans 2010 to the present.

To preclude vulnerability from a wrenching attack, Slick Locks has developed their Spinner 360. This sturdy ring fits around popular puck lock models and has a retainer to hold the Spinner 360 fastened in place around a puck lock. The Spinner 360 is free to rotate 360 degrees if any kind of forced twisting is applied. A keyhole cutout in the Spinner 360 allows the key to be easily inserted for normal unlocking of the padlock. Weatherproof puck lock covers are also available to prevent ice and dirt from forming in the keyway of puck lock padlocks.

The Blade by Slick Locks is made in U.S.A. Videos on the Slick Locks website,, show how to install the Blade. For information, contact Slick Locks at 888-430-1994 or

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