Going Wireless With the Alarm Lock NetworxPanel

The Alarm Lock Trilogy and wireless Networx comprise a comprehensive product group which offers a unique set of solutions to the access control installer. Alarm Lock introduced a viable electronic standalone decades ago, and has been constantly evolving...

This is our wireless keypad series in both PIN Code and PIN/Prox. So anywhere you want to control an electronic locking device such as a magnetic lock, strike, EL Exit device, you can use the Networx Wireless keypads. The product consists of a keypad and control panel and can be purchased in a number of configurations, as a complete pak, control panel only and keypads only. By allowing the end user to pick and choose, they can design this as an extension to the Networx wireless system for the one door they have a magnet/strike or as a wireless access control system, for one or two doors. Since you can have 2,000 Networx NetPanel control panels in one system, you can control 4,000 openings.

How can the wireless range be extended?

Our gateway cost is extremely low and when need to extend the range, just add another gateway.


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