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Luxury Apartment Towers Secured With Sargent Locks Located at 100 Grand Avenue in Oakland, CA, The Grand opened in February 2010 after almost three years in construction and features 236 luxury apartments in an impressive 25-story, 311,000 square...

King received a firsthand lesson in the locks' toughness."We had one apartment where we couldn't get the door open," he recalled.  "So we tried to get through the actual key part of the lock.  We tried everything to pull the lock apart, but we just couldn't do it.  The resident of that apartment saw all this and told me how safe she felt knowing we couldn't get through her door."

All in all, King said that the Sargent locks - this is his first experience with the company's products - has exceeded his expectations. "I've been in this business for about 27 years, so I have as much experience as anyone," said King.  "I would say that Sargent is the best lock I've ever used”


Schlage AD-Series Wireless Gate Kit Eliminates Costly Trenching

The new Schlage GCK400 Wireless Gate Kit leverages existing access control systems to gate entrances while saving thousands of dollars per gate in trenching costs.  Because of the expenses in digging trenches and laying cable to their perimeter gates, many companies are not able to use their access cards for parking lots or are forced to use a standalone system at the gates, inhibiting real time access control throughout the facility and grounds.

“Gates are a prime location for wireless systems,” explains Sean Leonard, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies portfolio marketing director. “The GCK400 Wireless Gate Kit works in tandem with any access control system to provide up to 4,000 feet of clear line of site access control, eliminating the problems and costs of digging trenches to lay cable.”

According to Leonard, with no trenches to dig or wire to pull, a wireless gate access control solution takes just 45 minutes to install versus a day or more with a hardwired system, saving a lot in labor costs and freeing up budget to even further extend the organization’s card access control system.

The kit, which includes the panel interface module (PIM), wireless reader interface, antenna, 12 VDC transformer and grounding, makes installation easy.  Once the card is read at the reader, data goes directly in real time to the access control system for a decision on whether to allow entry or not. 

The new GCK400 Wireless Gate Kit is available now.


Free Software Update: RW4 Plus and Ilco EZ®-Clone Plus

Kaba Ilco Corp. announces a free software update for RW4 Plus and Ilco EZ®-Clone Plus Cloning Devices that enables the machines to clone Philips (ID46) transponders on vehicles when only one LED is illuminated on the Snoop.

This free update(SW version 02.00.056) will be available to owners on CD or by download (username and password protected). A username and password and the download link will be provided once owner equipment has been verified.

If a CD is preferred, please indicate this in the email.

To request the fee update, e-mail the following information to

Company Name

Contact Name


Valid email address

Machine Type (RW4 Plus or Ilco EZ®-Clone Plus)

Machine Serial Number

Owners who have registered their equipment, and provided a valid email address, were notified via email on June 21, 2011. Kaba Ilco encourages owners to register their key machines, cloning and programming tools in order to receive update information direct from Kaba Ilco Corp.

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