Lockcraft's new tool line helps locksmiths more than ever.

Specialize In high-tech automotive service with this new tool line from Lockcraft

Lockcraft's Vehicle Anti-Theft System (VATS) Decoder enables locksmiths to diagnose system failures, service the column and duplicate VATS keys. The Lockcraft Decoder meets the needs of General Motors VATS-equipped vehicle applications dating back to 1986.

The VATS Decoder performs four basic functions. Initially, the VATS Decoder identifies the correct VATS key blank from the customer's original. Next, the system decodes the correct VATS blank from the vehicle when the original key is lost or not available. The VATS Decoder helps diagnose steering column connection problems and VATS computer problems.

"Without the VATS Decoder it is very difficult to service the VATS system vehicles properly," said John Wiltshire, Lockcraft sales manager. "Most owners would naturally return to their dealers for this kind of service. Instead, Lockcraft's signature VATS line of tools includes everything a locksmith would need to properly decode and service VATS-equipped vehicles. In essence, Lockcraft offers locksmiths an opportunity to also be VATS-Smiths," continued Wiltshire.

According to Lockcraft, becoming a professional "VATS-Smith" is easy. All of the tools are under one cover. The VATS Master Kit includes everything you need to professionally generate and read VATS keys and decode all GM VATS systems.

The VATS Master Kit (Part Number LT6855) features Lockcraft's Decoder and Adapter Key Harness, along with single-sided and double-sided adapter keys. Single- and double-sided replacement keys are also included, along with a three-terminal decoder and diagnostic adapter harness. The Master Kit is stored in a protective foam-lined, plastic carrying case.

The Lockcraft VATS Decoder (Part Number LT7000) is a totally portable diagnostic tool powered by a 9-volt battery. Housed in a sturdy, compact steel case, the system accepts all versions of the GM VATS key and accurately identifies the correct resistor code. The tool was designed with long wire leads for easier connection in smaller vehicle interiors.

With complete step by step instructions for use, the plug-in adapter harness virtually eliminates under-the-dash work on all VATS jobs. An assortment of single-sided and double-sided durable plastic adapter and replacement keys are provided.

Two three-terminal adapter harnesses are provided. Both turn standard two-terminal connectors into three-terminal connectors on the 1997+ Chevrolet Corvette models. One is for performing under dash decoding, and the other is for performing ignition lock diagnostics.

Everything is housed in one place in a protective, foam-lined, sturdy hard plastic case. For safety and durability, the case is designed with dual plastic latches and built in hasp for padlock locking.

There are several scenarios or typical failures that auto-owners may experience in order for your services to be necessary. First and most frequent, many individuals either lose their keys, including the spare, or lock their keys in their car. Most of the time, those same individuals have not saved the code tags that come with the keys, so it is necessary to contact their local automotive locksmith. Especially with the newer vehicles, it is very important that a professional work on the vehicle so as not to cause any damage that amateur tools may cause, such as damaged wiring or computer programming. The same is true of stolen vehicles and key and lock repair.

Another scenario is an inoperable key. Perhaps it is a bad key. Perhaps it is a duplicate that wasn't keyed correctly. Or it may not be the key at all, but perhaps computer problems that don't allow the key to work properly. A bad wiring connection could also warrant a locksmith's tools and expertise.

Initially, the locksmith must diagnose the problem. Before each use, the VATS Decoder should be tested by plugging the tester harness connectors together. This will alert you to a low battery. Next, insert the key to identify the resistor code.

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