Installing The Yale eBOSS Cylindrical Electronic Lockset

Yale has introduced the eBOSS Series for exterior and interior applications.

The keypad programming commands enable the eBOSS to be personalized for the end users specific needs. These include disabling audible and visual keypad feedback. The number of attempts or key strokes before the keypad is timed out. How long is the keypad timed out. The length of the unlock time for keypad access time, RTE Unlock time, and Emergency Unlock time.

Keypad Programming Commands

  • General Master Code (MC#)/
    Format Supervisor Code (SC#)
    PCC VAL #
  • Audible Keypad Feedback
    (Default engaged =1) 0 or 1
    # MC#/SC# 31#
  • Visual Keypad Feedback (Default engaged =1) 0 or 1 # MC#/SC# 32#
    Keypad Attempts (Default = 3 attempts) 1-255
    # MC#/SC# 33#
  • Keypad Timeouts (Default = 10 seconds) 1-255
    # MC#/SC# 34#
  • Unlock Time (Default = 4 seconds) 1-255
    # MC#/SC# 44#
  • Set REX Unlock Time (Default = 10 seconds) 1-255
    # MC#/SC# 45#
  • Set Emergency Unlock Time
    (Default = 10 seconds) 1-255
    # MC#/SC# 46#

The eBOSS E5496LN electronic lockset is equipped with a lock cylinder for mechanical override. It can be configured for a six- or seven-pin fixed core or interchangeable core to accommodate Medeco, ASSA, Best-Falcon, Corbin Russwin, or Schlage. The choice of lock cylinder mechanisms includes conventional, patented keyway, security, and high security.

For electronic operation, the Yale eBOSS can be can be battery operated or hardwired. To hardwire the Yale eBOSS, the unit is wired to a nine-volt DC power supply. The batteries remain in the lock and are used as battery backup. (Replace the batteries once a year.) For remote operation, the Yale eBOSS can be equipped with "Request to enter" and nine-volt DC power supply. When the eBOSS is equipped with the request to enter, there is an added feature. A passage mode eBOSS can be disabled and changed to the lock mode. Pressing the request to enter button disables the passage mode and places the lock in the standard lock mode. In the standard lock mode, a valid user code must be entered to gain access electronically.

When battery power drops below 5.8 volts, each time a valid code is entered, the eBOSS will produce four short tones and the lock will unlock. When battery power drops below 5.4 volts, the lock will enter the "Blackout" mode. When a Normal User Code is entered, the lock will produce four short tones and four long tones; however, the lock will not unlock. At this point, only the Supervisor or the Emergency Codes will unlock the lock. In the event of complete power loss or when batteries are being changed, the programs, settings, codes and users are retained in the lock's non-volatile memory.

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