Residential Hardware Choices

Most locksmith shops stock a limited variety of residential hardware. The stock will probably range from locks similar to the common Kwikset Tylo knobs in bright brass, Schlage F-Series knobs and levers (also in bright brass) and some bright brass deadbolts. Not much of choice, is this? The most...

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Most locksmith shops stock a limited variety of residential hardware. The stock will probably range from locks similar to the common Kwikset Tylo knobs in bright brass, Schlage F-Series knobs and levers (also in bright brass) and some bright brass deadbolts. Not much of choice, is this?

The most common residential hardware sells, but why not offer more choices to your customer? The different manufacturers of residential hardware make more products available today. The fact is most people will make their residential hardware buying decision based on what you show them or what they see in your showroom.

To be different, scout out the local big box stores and make a list of products they have on display. Choose a group of products that they don't offer. We all know you've got them beat on service. Sell a package of product and service that makes you stand out as the Security Professional that you are!

This fact bolsters the argument expressed in recent Locksmith Ledger articles in favor of stocking your showroom with mounted samples and display boards. The wider the choice of hardware, the better the chance you have of having a product the customer wants to purchase. In addition, there is a good chance of upselling to a better looking and/or higher level of security. By showing your customer new knob, lever and entry handle styles and suggesting alternate finishes, you may sell additional hardware.

For example, if the customer likes the antique nickel finish on a new entry handle for the front entry, you may ask them about other doors in the same room, or even throughout the residence. If they have closet, bedroom or bathroom doors that are off the entry area, they may decide to upgrade that hardware as well.

Another consideration is increased security. Upgrading to better hardware can be accomplished in a number of ways, but to be able to inform your customer, you need to keep informed of what is available.

Following is a review of what some of the major door hardware manufacturers have been working on to offer your residential customers an expanded choice of hardware:

The Dexter name has been synonymous with residential hardware for more than 50 years. Over the course of time, the company was sold to Master Lock Company and was eventually purchased by Ingersoll-Rand. All packaging and advertising now states "Dexter by Schlage." The other big difference is that all Dexter products are supplied in the Schlage 'C' keyway. Although the key blank retains the earlier bow design, the keyway is not compatible with older Dexter hardware.

The line includes JD-Series deadbolts, JH-Series handlesets, J-Series knobs and levers, and a group of Builder Basics. The Basics group includes door stops, handrail brackets, pocket door locks, cabinet hardware, flush & surface bolts, door viewers, window sash locks, door knockers, house numbers and hinges.

All Dexter by Schlage locks provide dependable security that exceeds all ANSI/BHMA Grade 3 standards. They are produced to the same specifications as other Schlage locks. Dexter locks can be keyed to Schlage locks for convenience and can also work with Schlage's Residential Construction Keying Systems. Available in six standard finishes including bright brass, antique brass, satin nickel, antique pewter, bright chrome and satin stainless, they are consistent in finish appearance with other Schlage hardware. This allows a customer to mix and still match.

The two handlesets compliment many existing locks for a ready replacement. The four lever styles offer your customer a choice.
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Pictured right: Kwikset UltraMax.
Kwikset has long been a leader in residential door hardware. Their product offering has been set in a good, better, best format. It starts with 'good' Kwikset Security. This series of knobs, deadbolts and handlesets offer ANSI Grade 3 deadbolt security, a full 1" solid core deadbolt. They also feature a pick-resistant 5-pin keying system and a Kwik-Install design with pre-installed screws. The two most recognized knob styles offer a lifetime mechanical and 5-year finish warranty.

Kwikset products are available in six popular finishes: polished brass, antique brass, polished chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel, antique nickel and oil rubbed bronze.

The second level is the 'better' Kwikset Maximum Security line. This line offer maximum strength, simplicity and style. Deadbolts feature 2X strength 1" Throwbolt and meet ANSI Grade 2 specifications. Three knob and five lever styles are available along with two handleset designs. Like the Security Series they also feature a pick-resistant 5-pin keying system and a Kwik-Install design. This line also offers a lifetime mechanical and 5-year finish warranty and adds a lifetime finish on the L03 bright brass option.

The highest level is the 'best' Kwikset Ultramax Security line. Six knob and two lever styles are complimented by three handleset designs. Features include premium security ANSI Grade 1 deadbolt security with an anti-pick 6-pin keying system. The 1" nickel-plated titanium alloy Throwbolt core is saw-resistant. Knobs and levers feature concealed screws and many components are solid-forged brass. Ultramax knobs have a special cylinder that is removable in seconds with the control key to save time during rekeying. The Kwik-Install design is included. This line also offers a lifetime mechanical and 10-year finish warranty and also adds a lifetime finish on the L03 bright brass option.

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Pictured right:Medeco Tara handleset
Medeco has long been viewed as a leader in high-security and key control. Commercial, institutional and government facilities have been relying on Medeco for years. In the residential setting, replacement cylinders have been one way to increase the security of a home. Medeco also offers a line of security products for the home. Medeco residential door hardware offers the protection expected from Grade 1, UL437 hardware and enhances the look and value of the home with elegantly designed, high quality lock construction.

Medeco Grade 1 Handlesets are offered in one piece or sectional styles in two designs. Inside trim utilizes an egg-shaped knob or lever. Handlesets are made of solid brass construction and are available in three finishes: PVD anti-tarnish brass, satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze.

Medeco Maxum deadbolts have a free-spinning collar and the bolt resists sawing and kicking. A wide variety of retrofit cylinders are available to fit almost any existing hardware. All hardware is available in original, biaxial or Medeco3 keyways.

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When residential hardware comes to mind, SARGENT probably doesn't. However, this has changed with their heavy duty blending into this new residential line. Their recent introduction of the Coastal Series offer five different stylish lever designs, two escutcheons and two roses that are available in nine popular finishes: 3, 4, 9, 10, 10B, 10BD, 20D, 26, and 26D.

These lever designs compliment a variety of traditional and contemporary motifs. Each lever, escutcheon and rose is of a solid cast or forged brass construction. The trim construction allows for interchangeability with SARGENT 8200 mortise lock trims. All levers meet ANSI/BHMA requirements for Grade 1 and ADA guidelines. All standard 8200 mortise lock latchbolt and deadbolt functions are available. The Coastal series levers are also available on exit trim. These locks feature a 5-year limited warranty.

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Pictured right: Schlage Artisan Series
The Schlage Residential Products Division offers a huge variety of door hardware. In addition to five styles of A-Series knobs and levers, 10 B-Series deadbolts and five F-Series levers, six knobs and five handlesets, the new Artisan Series has been added.

The Artisan group is a premier collection of door and decorative hardware in current designer trends. The four handlesets are forged of solid brass; knobs and roses are made of wrought brass. Four knob and three lever designs combine with two deadbolts to complete the lineup.

The new Schlage Accents Collection offers a fine line of decorative door hardware. The unique designs of Accents make it the perfect door hardware for customers looking for an elegant and decorative upgrade.

The six different handleset designs can utilize any of the six various inside trim designs. The entire Accents Collection provides an upgrade in appearance through the use of compressible cylinders and concealed screws. The lever and knob chassis allows for the interchangeable trim and Schlage's new field-reversible levers. The Accents Collection can be rekeyed to match any existing Schlage and Dexter line of products.

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The Weslock Company has been providing customers with residential door locks for over 60 years. They manufacture Grade 2 cylindrical locksets with exclusive features including a panic-proof design in case of emergency and push button locking to prevent lockouts.

Five different series of entry handles combine with nine knob styles and eight lever designs. Most Weslock deadbolts feature an ADA recommended thumbturn. Weslock products are built tough for long-lasting durability. They offer a wide range of mechanical and finish warranties from 10 years to lifetime. Available finishes include: PVD polished brass, antique brass, satin nickel, weathered pewter, polished chrome, satin chrome, black and oil rubbed bronze. These products have earned the highest possible rating for residential locks in their category by exceeding ANSI performance specifications.

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If there ever was a name that said 'locks,' it is Yale. Yale Residential Security Products offers a complete range of products with exceptional value and craftsmanship. The three segments of their residential line include the New Traditions line, the YH Collection and Design Elements group.

The Grade 3 New Traditions line includes three knobs, four levers and three handlesets. Passage and privacy levers are non-handed. Single, double and one-sided deadbolts round out the line. Available finishes include: polished brass, antique brass, polished chrome, satin chrome, antique nickel, satin nickel. Selected items are also available in textured black, gun metal and oil rubbed bronze.

The Grade 2 YH Collection comes in four knob and eight lever styles. Two handlesets, a deadbolt and an interconnected lock complete the offering. Available finishes match the New Traditions line, with the addition of YaleGuard Gold.

The Design Elements group is a line of solid brass, finely crafted products. Available in three lifetime finishes: polished brass, satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze.

Features included matching deadbolt roses, 28 degree latch operation, non-handed passage and privacy levers and a swivel latch bolt head that reverses for door handing.

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