Advances In Video Technology

VideoIQ, CelAccess and PoE In Security all provide high-tech security solutions for challenging security applications.

This month we offer brief overviews of some of the newest video surveillance products and technology on the market. VideoIQ cameras and storage devices, CelAccess remote access control and PoE technology may provide much-needed solutions for your forward-thinking customers.



VideoIQ’s line of iCVR and iCST cameras and encoders provide performance and value that differentiates them in a market crowded with imposters. Their offerings include HD and non-HD camera packages, as well as encoders which permit the security installer to configure around a favorite camera or upgrade an existing camera deployment.

Distributed storage, storing the video at the camera as opposed to sending it back to a central location, reduces the real-time load on the network, increases the reliability that the video will get recorded when it matters, and mitigates the need to augment and manage additional storage when cameras are added.

VideoIQ technology is dual stream, so the security installer can tune the frame rate and resolution of continuous background and alarm recording to suit the application. The camera management software includes an extended suite of analytic capabilities and camera controls consistent with the leading standalone VM software but it is included with the VideoIQ product.

Storage at the camera is measured in months (not days), and VideoIQ offers a choice of hard drive capacities. Also worth noting is that the hard drives they use are solid state and have a life expectancy of 10 years.

VideoIQ works with Ethernet or Wi-Fi networks, and can be adapted to interface with point to point proprietary topologies.

Last summer we deployed traditional IP cameras using Wi-Fi topography, and based on that experience I am currently preparing to submit a proposal for another remote surveillance project, only this time transitioning to VideoIQ.

Judging from the feature set and product pricing it should prove to be cheaper, easier, better, and will empower the customer with enhanced set of valuable VM tools which increase the return on investment in demonstrable ways.

VideoIQ cameras may be viewed using a browser, and are a totally scalable solution. Since the head-end is in the camera, and due to the bandwidth no-load/lo-load characteristics of VideoIQ, the cost-benefits actually increase with the more cameras deployed and those often challenging strategic deployments.

VideoIQ’s iCVR camera and encoder family delivers intelligent video surveillance while eliminating the need for external third party Network Video Recorders (NVR), Digital Video Recorders (DVR), and Video Management System (VMS) platforms and the bandwidth they consume. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor surveillance, perimeter security, or HD/megapixal camera functionality, using VideoIQ's innovative IP cameras and video analytics the result is:

Proactive surveillance: VideoIQ’s adaptive analytics uniquely identify people, vehicles and boats from objects, animals and scene movement, ensuring the most accurate real-time threat detection on the market.

Network efficiency: By storing video within the onboard NVR, iCVR cameras and encoders can record at full resolution and frame rate – even full high definition with 1080p/30fps resolution – using no bandwidth at all. The overall system needs less than 10 percent of the bandwidth of high definition and conventional IP cameras, allowing customers to deploy over existing networks, wireless networks and cellular connections. And as every iCVR continuously records, they are always ready to send real-time alarms when threats are detected, stream live video on demand and perform sophisticated search.

Simple installation: with fully integrated, onboard NVR storage and an advanced VMS, iCVR cameras and encoders eliminate the need for expensive centralized storage – reducing deployment costs, system complexity, infrastructure, time and resources. Additionally, VideoIQ’s adaptive analytics automatically calibrate in minutes, getting more accurate with each object detected and further reducing installation time and resources. Customers simply need to mount a camera and connect the device to any network.

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