Arrow Starts A Revolution

The Arrow Revolution touchscreen electronic standalone lock works for retrofits as well as new installations.

Standalone locks have become an important product group as end-users in all the market segments learn to appreciate the benefits of electronic access control and the cost savings that a battery operated non-networked solution can provide.

After all, any keyed door lock is essentially a standalone access control system, but there are issues associated with the keyed cylinder, the keys and the support thereof.  The immediate benefits of any non key-based lock were enough to propel access control into a starring role in modern security management.

  • No keys or rekeying required
  • Individual PIN codes for every authorized user

Electronic access control systems are capable of providing impressive feature sets. However the demand exists for products at all levels across the spectrum, from basic to exotic.

The right choice for a particular opening has all to do with a risk assessment of the premises and the client’s perceptions of what is required. When you are able to reconcile these two factors (with an emphasis on the latter), you have arrived at a solution which will represent to the client his best security value.

Many locksmiths are wary of electronics, and also feel that abandonment of traditional locks represents an unacceptable compromise to their customers’ safety and security.

Although there are abundant examples of where implementation of electronic locks and access controls do indeed weaken the safety and security of an opening, there are also abundant examples of products from reputable lock manufacturers such as Arrow which maintain the physical integrity of the lock and provide technical features which enhance security hands down.

For years there was a transitional solution - the mechanical keypad lock - which offered the benefits of a strong mechanical lock with the convenience of keyless operation.

Niche markets exist for all types of locks and solutions.

If a product is well designed and provides the required functionality, it may at some point  become less appropriate for a particular application, but not necessarily become obsolete.

In security, as well as many other industries, we are faced with continual technical evolutions.

In many cases, a product may declare itself obsolete by being discontinued, and the availability of replacement parts and factory support are suspended.

Due to any one of a variety of reasons, the manufacturer makes the decision for the dealer and the end-user.

Maybe the repair return rates are so high the product is not profitable.

Maybe there was an acquisition, and the new owner did a shake out of the product line to eliminate weaker less profitable lines.

Maybe the vendor just learned how to make a better product and wanted the company banner to fly over their best efforts letting bygones be bygones.

Another important factor when determining if a product is appropriate for a particular application is how it is managed and integrated with other security technologies.

Ineffectual key management will render any keyway ineffectual.

On the other hand, layered security and auxiliary measures such as video surveillance can result in a totally appropriate level of protection using a basic access control device.

One scenario might have an interior door to a storeroom which is inside an entity which has a secured perimeter.

Anyone who is within the secured perimeter is authorized to be there. The storeroom may contain computers, or data or controlled substances. A PIN only standalone access control such as the Arrow Revolution can provide the desired level of security.

The addition of a video surveillance camera provides added deterrence against inappropriate entry and can supply management with a visual activity log of persons using the door.

There are many situations for which a PIN-only solution such as the Arrow Revolution is a cost effective, convenient and security-smart solution.

The Arrow Revolution is easy to install, almost as easy as a cylindrical lockset. (Standard 161 Prep with one additional 1/2" hole). If you are counting, this Revolution installs with just 5 screws (which are supplied)

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