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Note: If you change cutters, you probably will end up mis-cutting keys because of the different diameters.

Suggestion: Gil-Ray Tools, from Bay City, Mich., offers a service to sharpen all of your code machine’s cutter to a uniform diameter. This way you can adjust the code machine for this specific diameter and change cutters without worrying. Web Site: www.gilraytools.com


Never Say Never or Always

STRATTEC ‘s new internal sidewinder key blank for the 2012 Ford Focus uses the 10,001-11,500 code series. The part number is 5921709. This key blank has the 80 Bit technology; however, there is no “SA” or “HA” stamped into the blade. Even though it does not have the “SA” or “HA”, it is a sidewinder blade, which should not be too hard to remember.


Corbin-Russwin System 70 Control Keys

Corbin-Russwin System 70 removable core locks have a control shear line and an operating shear line. The core contains six pin chambers, four of which have both a control and an operating shear line. The remaining two pin chambers have only one shear line and are keyed like a conventional pin chamber having a top pin, master pin and bottom pin.

To determine the depths of cut of the control key in a Corbin-Russwin System 70 core, determine the master key depths of cut in spaces one and six. Remove and measure the top pins in pin chambers two through five.

The length of the top pin determines the depth of cut for the control key.

Top Pin Length: .192” Control Key Cut 1

Top Pin Length: .163” Control Key Cut 2

Top Pin Length: .135” Control Key Cut 3

Top Pin Length: .107” Control Key Cut 4

Top Pin Length: .080” Control Key Cut 5

Top Pin Length: .080” Control Key Cut 6

Pin lengths are from the Corbin Russwin Cylinder Manual.


Ilco SFIC Housing Accessory Kit

Ilco has introduced the interchangeable core SFIC Housing Accessory Kit, part number R2800-00-8X. The kit contains 50 cams, 10 each of Sargent/Yale, Sargent “L”, Best/Corbin-Russwin Clover, Adams Rite and the standard cam. There are mortise cam screws, rim tailpiece retaining rings, seven pin spaces, and trim rings.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or Kaba Ilco Corp., Web Site: www.kaba-ilco.com



Car-Opening Techniques: Volkswagen Touareg, Porsche & Audi Q7

This month we will offer recommended car opening techniques for the 2004-2011 Volkswagen Touareg and Porsche Cayenne and 2007-2011 Audi Q7. This four-door sport utility vehicle is equipped with bicycle-style cables in the front doors.

Caution: The windows are extremely tight. Failure to the wedges before bringing the car-opening tool up into the passenger compartment may result in the window glass breaking.

Warning: This vehicle is equipped with multi-layer weather stripping at the base of the windows.


The following opening methods can be used to unlock the 2004-2011 Volkswagen Touareg:


The High Tech Tools Extreme Emergency Opening Only method uses the 78SG Tool to unlock the front passenger door locking mechanism. Insert a one hand Jack system and an inflatable wedge towards the middle of the front passenger doorframe. Wedge out the door frame to provide access for the car opening tool. Insert the 78SG through the opening created along the rear edge of the door frame using a weather stripping protector. Slide the tool into the passenger compartment and hook the front passenger door handle. Pull back on the tool to unlock the door locking mechanism.


Use the Pro-Lok AO-36 “MCOT- Long Tool” and an inflatable wedge to unlock the front passenger door locking mechanism. Begin by inserting the wedge 16 inches from the front edge of the front passenger door window. Inflate the wedge according to manufacturer’s specifications. Insert the AO-36 tool into the door 12 inches from the front edge of the window with the tip facing forward. Lower the tool inches into the door cavity until the bend is beneath the bottom of the window glass. Rotate the tool until the bend is on the inside of the window.

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