Go Wireless With STI

One sector of the security industry which is often overlooked by locksmiths is the sale of alarms for residences. One or two large companies are filling TV airwaves with alarm advertisements. One positive aspect is that at least the TV advertisements keep consumers thinking about the subject of alarms. The catch for consumers is that the advertised ‘free’ alarm system (plus $99 installation) also includes a required three-year monitoring agreement which totals $1295.

Safety Technology International (STI) can assist you in quickly entering the alarm business. Their wireless alarm products reduce installation time and consumers are not required to purchase a monitoring contract.

STI offers their WS-100SG2 “Burglar Stopper” wire-free home protection system complete with a Smart Panel control unit, key fob remote control, and two WS-102 magnetic sensors. The sensors can be used to arm either doors or windows. Extra WS-102 magnetic sensors can be ordered. The battery-operated, wireless sensors can operate up to a 490 foot line-of-sight range from the control panel. If an armed door or window is opened, indicator lights and an audible alarm on the control panel warns the owner of a security breach. In addition to door/window sensors, several optional accessories are available to increase the effectiveness of the “Burglar Stopper.”

A WS-103 PIR motion sensor can detect movement in a wide, 120-degree area of view. This unit is ideal for guarding hallways, stairways or other paths of movement. After every detection and report of movement, a power-saving feature locks out detection for three minutes to preserve battery power. One nine volt alkaline battery is required.

Another optional accessory is the WS-105 garage door sensor designed to indicate when “up-and-over” type garage doors are opened. Two AAA alkaline batteries are required for this wireless device.

A very important accessory for the STI alarm system is the WS-110 auto dialer. The dialer accessory can operate independently by activating an included wireless panic remote. The dialer accessory can also be connected to the Burglar Stopper alarm system. Up to eight pre-programmed phone numbers can be automatically called after the alarm is activated during an emergency or burglary. The addition of an auto dialer allows the STI Burglar Stopper series to maintain 24-hour protection whether the owner is home or away.

The Burglar Stopper alarm is an economical, easy-to-install system which provides basic protection to a homeowner or small office location without the added cost of monthly monitoring.

STI also sells a wireless Alert Series of products. These products are designed to help home owners to more easily maintain security on their property. Items include an STI-34300 garage door sentry which indicates when a garage door is open, a universal alert reed switch STI-34400 which can be installed to monitor windows, gates, medicine cabinets, doors and any other item that has an open and closed capability. An STI-34150 weather resistant driveway monitor can be used to indicate when a vehicle enters the driveway. The sensor can be mounted up to 1000 feet from the receiver unit.

An 8-channel receiver can be mounted in a convenient location to monitor up to eight wireless Alert Series accessories.

STI has many more products such as chimes, enclosures, wire guards, plus buttons and switches for a multitude of applications. For further information contact your local distributor or Safety Technology Inc. at: www.sti-usa.com or 800-888-4784.