Back Page, July 2011

TWENTY YEARS AGO Gerry Finch started a series on the "Language of Masterkeying." Jerry Levine warned against buying low cost "open anything" car lock tools sold by slick telephone salesmen. Harrison Electronics guided us through car alarm...

"Any practices such as charging the full price for one key and giving one free, selling a card for a dozen or more keys at the wholesale rates and permitting the purchaser to have them made in smaller quantities whenever they desire, or any other subterfuge resorted to with a view towards 'chiseling' or gaining unfair advantages of brother locksmiths will not be tolerated. Those who fail to charge at least the prices listed above for their work and otherwise live up to the spirit of the code will alone be responsible for the results of their actions. Please remember that by cutting prices, you will only cut your own throat in the end. Every other locksmith can and will do it also if forced to. Cutting prices can only drag us into the gutter again. By maintaining our prices, we will gain both financially and in the respect of the public for our craft. So let us 'shoot square' with ourselves and our brother craftsmen for the benefit of all concerned."






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