Transitioning To Electronics: Getting Started In CCTV

“Access control is a lot more involved because you’re dealing with hardware considerations, codes, cable going back, the controller, creating different sites, etc. CCTV is much simpler.”

The quality is much better and the price has come down quite a bit. You have black & white going away, day/night considerations. The biggest thing is achieving what the customer wants to see. More than anything you must make the customer understand the DVR is nothing more than a computer; don’t sit and ignore that system for a month and then try to get video after the camera or DVR locked up. It’s just like having to re-boot your computer, no different. Check everyday to make sure it’s recording.

It’s important to make sure cameras are placed correctly and what you’re looking to achieve is reasonable. You get what you see and that’s it with analog cameras. It gets more involved when you’re ready for that next step.

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