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Editor’s Note: In a recent e-newsletter, Locksmith Ledger editor-in-chief Gale Johnson asked if the title ‘locksmith’ needs to be updated to “security technician.” Following are some of the responses. To sign up for the Notes from the Editor...

I wish it weren't the case, but I have no doubt the industry is headed that way unless they get pro-active and fight for their fair market share. This Industry is a bunch of hard-headed, independent folks who are used to working alone and not sharing much. Unless our Industry learns to work together and support each other through associations, etc., we could be a dying breed. The Alarm Industry here and in Texas nearly dialed us completely out of existence. Were it not for the Oklahoma Master Locksmith Association working with legislators, ALOA, and related industries, we'd be in big trouble now. Please industry, wake up and realize if you want to keep it you'd better be willing to fight for it.

Mike McGrew, CRL

Mike's Locksmith Shop, Inc.

Bartlesville, OK


New Name Sought


I believe that we need a new updated name for our job description. I see automotive locksmiths, traditional locksmiths, and electronic locksmiths in our area. We concentrate on access control systems and we are still calling ourselves lock and safe technicians. I have been trying for years to come up with a better description for our company than what we are using, I hope you receive some good ideas.

Bob Doran, CML

Allied Lock & Safe Technicians, Inc.

Peoria, IL


ALOA / ISC Partnership?


It appears that there is an opportunity for ALOA to join forces with an industry that interfaces with locksmiths on every job encountered by one of its systems integrators installing electronic access control systems.

The ISC show is a great venue for ALOA to use to reach locksmiths and their end-user customers, not to mention the system integrators who need locksmiths to do their work. Perhaps the ALOA leadership is already considering this and that would be a great thing for both industries.

I manage electronic security measures for my organization's multiple campuses and our in-house locksmiths are involved with every access control change I implement. The reason? They maintain the doors that I add the electronic controls on! I need to ensure that they are comfortable with the changes and that we work together for the good of the organization.

The same would be true if ALOA joined w/ISC to bring system integrators, locksmiths and end user customers together. After all we all have to live with the NFPA and similar standards in our industries so why not collaborate on the show floors?

Just my thoughts coming from the other side of the locksmith industry.

Darren Morgan

Director of Security, Safety & PBX

San Antonio Community Hospital

Upland, CA


Locksmith or security technician?


I often ask myself, "Why is it that the word 'locksmith' does not appear in any application where you have to select your profession?" With the introduction of access control, I think it will never appear in the future.

Gale, thanks for you notes.

Antonio Gomez

AG Locksmith Inc.



Keep The Locksmith Name


The locksmith is a certified trade in B.C. and joins a worldwide proud tradition of providing a vital service to the people who need and rely on us. I would be opposed to denigrating any member of this unique profession by visualizing them as outdated or "traditional" because they possess the skills obtained by apprenticing. I would also oppose splintering or renaming parts of the trade by offering up a new name for work that should only be performed by a licensed, bonded and trade certified locksmith. Be it electrified or mechanical, if it is a lock then it should be within the jurisdiction of a locksmith.

I believe that Canadians have lost far too much of the pride in our own heritage and traditions due to the influx of more dominant influences. It would be a shame if we stood by and watched this Canadian tradition be set aside as passé in the interest of what is new. One Good EMF pulse from an overdue solar flare and we would all see the need for a"traditional" locksmith real quick and that is the old reality.

If it is being said that this is "the new reality" for locksmiths then I would prefer to stick to the truth and be proud of what i have learned and had hoped to pass on.


British Columbia, Canada



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